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Car #: #12D
Driver (s) : Doc Sanfilippo
Location: East Windsor
Date: 1981?
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Matt Mahoney
Comments: Comment from Matt:  I never saw it run personally, but the car is one of the nicest examples of a classic modified I've ever seen. It kinda reminds me of the Trenton Mack car with the gold wheels and chrome headers & bumpers.
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11/07/06 Jeff McClung When this car debut it stood out as one of the most beautiful modified's ever! I am pretty sure its not an actual Grant King car but it sure was designed after one. The amount of chrome on this car was unbelievable! This car also had some stout power, note the J&J Balencers on the hood. Wonder if anyone has any info on this car?
11/07/06 Bruce Thomas I was lucky enough to see this car in all its glory, pretty sweet ride huh? It totaly caught me off guard when i looked at this pic, boy i had almost for got all about this one. Thanks for shareing it, and to joe for posting it.
11/07/06 3Wide Actually, Matt had sent us this photo a while back and fortunately he reminded us that it hadn't made it into the Vault yet...  Nice addition!

Not sure about that 2nd car in line, but I'm sure many will remember Paul Ielmini in the #67 just coming into the picture in the upper right.  He was fun to watch!
11/07/06 Walter Onora I remember this racer. Smooth running driver. Pretty consistant. Ran at Flemington as well.
11/07/06 Bruce Thomas Grant King built Modified.
11/08/06 C. Piette The front shock holder look like Burnett creation
11/08/06 Dom Ragno This car was built by Haraka speed shop.
11/08/06 3Wide Was the #121 that Billy Osmun and Billy Pauch also a Haraka car?  I remember the name and know that there were a few out there, but don't really know much about them.
11/08/06 Bob Scott The "Scamerdella" Acella #121 cars that Osman and Pauch drove were King cars. Harraka then copied the frame design from his friend AJ Ferrioulo's #73 as King stopped building them and than Harraka added his own twists to the basic King Frame. This is a Harraka King copy that was very popular in the late 70's and early 80's though out the northeast..
11/08/06 Geoffrey Yoder A little more history on the Harraka modifieds. I owned the white gremlin #94 that was driven by Kim Trout at Reading, Bridgeport, Syracuse and Nazareth in 1978 and 1979.  We also ran one show at Flemington with that car. It was a Harraka car and basically a King copy.

I bought the Harraka car because of the great car Doc had. The car was fantastic and provided us our best two years of success. After the 1979 season it became too expensive to fund myself so I sold out after 9 years. I sold the 2 year old Harraka chassis #94 as well as a brand new Harraka chassis with disc brakes, etc. through Billy Pauch to the owner of a black #64 gremlin (name escapes me) that Billy drove for in 1981 and maybe longer. Billy and I were board members of MODCAR at that time. I am pretty sure that the #64 car was the old #94. I am not sure what the new chassis was used for, but am pretty sure Billy drove it. It may have been the "L" car? If I remember correctly Billy had success with those cars.
11/13/06 3-Wide I was just looking through an old Flemington program with Billy O in a #73 and you could read "Harraka" on the 1/4 panel.
11/16/06 Bob Scott The #73 Ferriollo(sp) cars of this era where only Grant King cars. Harraka was one of the sponsors even on the Mulligan car they had when they bought it from Egre (pink#9) and had Balough drive it.  Billy O was in a King car.  They never had a Harraka car that I know of.
11/18/06 John Cornell Doc San Flippo was a successful drag racer before going circle track racing. This was actually his second car. It was not a King Car but something of his own design. Most of the roll cage was fabricated at Mike McNamarra's shop in Perth Amboy NJ. Doc and Mile were very good friends and both were unheralded innovators in the sport.
12/03/06 Greg Saeger I remember a cover for stock car magazine that had a street able dirt modified on it. That car down to every detail looks similar to this car. It was the same color with some real nice thin accent pin strips. It had Dirt lettered on the door. They did a couple page article on the car. Does anyone remember this? The chrome work on this car was much the same on the street modified. It would be great if this car wound up being that cover car in retirement.
12/13/06 Pete Your right 3-Wide. That is Paul Ielmini in the background, black and gold #67.  Ironically, that car was Doc Sanfillipo's first dirt car that he built.   The second dirt car he built is that #12D.  (King copy designed and built by Doc.)
07/27/08 Doc Sanfilippo Matt Mahoney,

Thanks for sending the Ace Lane picture and your kind comments about the 12D modified to 3WIDES. That picture was taken at
East Windsor Speedway on the day of its debut April 1977.  This car was the first of the nicer modifieds.

Thanks to Jeff McClung, Bruce Thomas, Walter Onora, and John Cornell for their comments and compliments about the car and driver.

I purchased some parts, brakes, wheels, etc. at the Harraka Bros Speed Shop. They helped with info & parts, but they did not build the frame or body. This car was fabricated, tube bent, welded, at my Sayreville home garage. Some welding & all the paint work was performed at my Jersey City, NJ - Sip Autobody Shop. All chrome was done at Keystone Auto, Newark NJ.

Paul Ielmini, #67, was the first 12D. That car was tube bent & fabricated with Mike Mc Namarra's help at his Perth Amboy NJ shop.

Greg Saiger -- This was not that Magazine cover car.

Thanks Pete, that last paragraph is correct.

I sold the car & parts 2 years after I stopped racing (1981) to someone in Central NJ and have never seen it again. Wish I still had it now for the Antique races.

Thanks to all Sincerely

Doc Sanfilippo
08/01/08 Matt I guess Doc's response ends the discussion about the chassis builder!

I purchased that picture from Ace's stand at Flemington one summer and like I mentioned in the original caption, I never saw it run in person.  However, it was such a beautiful car, I had to have a picture of it for my collection at the time.

It's great to know that it was a home-built car, since a lot of us feel that this kind of creativity is what's missing in today's Dirt Modified.

Definitely top 3 in my favorite Gremlin bodied modifieds.