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Photo ID # c11.18.06__J9_COV_FLM_0081_1
Car #: #J9 & 51M
Driver (s) : Joe Coverdale and Don Taylor
Location: Flemington
Date: 1981
Photographer: Matt Photos
Photo provided by: Matt Mahoney
Comments: Comment from Matt: Flemington Fair race '81. Joe Coverdale's 1st Sportsman win and his margin of victory. It was an excellent race, with Taylor closing fast then putting heavy pressure on Joe for the last few laps. I believe the 51M might have gotten around if the race had 1 more lap...
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11/19/06 Paul Madsen Though I never got to meet him, Don was my favorite sportsman driver back then.  Back then you could write letters to AARN.  I wrote a letter about Don. All the Taylors were good racers.
12/30/06 Mark Burd One question, what is everybody pointing to?
12/30/06 3-Wide I'm guessing that it was a real close finish and maybe everybody is looking up to the crow's nest for the official scoring???
01/03/08 Joe "Ad Man" Coverdale No way! He would have never caught me. I was toying with him, God rest his soul. Joe "Ad Man" Coverdale
(P.S. Paul, YES, The Taylor bunch were a great group to race with and befriend!)