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Photo ID # c12.28.06_Ma4_FUS_FLM_0080_1
Car #: #MA4
Driver (s) : Mark Fusco
Location: Flemington
Date: 1980's
Photographer: Dave Pratt (dsp photoz)
Photo provided by: Jim Brown/SJDR
Comments: Another great Dave Pratt photo from the 80's at Flemington.  (Not sure how Mark managed to supervise the cooking of the chicken while still having time to let the back end of the MA4 hang out at the square!)

Mark was a very steady runner in the Sportsman and Modified classes and I think he also drove a sprint car too.  Seem to remember a pretty bad flip down the frontstretch in the sportsman division and think he may have broken his arm.  Might even have been one of those accidents where his helmet came off, but then again, I may be confusing two separate accidents.
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12/28/06 Walter Onora Now that is a great looking modified. Yes, Mark was very steady at the old "square"!!
12/30/06 Mark Burd Seemed like all the Tobias chassis cars were real fast.