Photo ID # e02.02.08_711_KNE_NAZ_0080_1
Car #: #711
Driver (s) : Dave Kneisel
Location: Nazareth
Date: 1980?
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Frank Eeckhoudt
Comments: I only got to see Dave Kneisel run during special shows at Flemington and for some reason I feel like I might have gotten his autograph when I was a kid in the late 60's at East Windsor, but I'd really need one of you guys to confirm that he ever ran there.

I have read (in "Under the Radar" by Scott Pacich in AARN, and in other sources) that Dave was a tremendous innovator and that he was a favorite of everyone.  His coupe, the little short sedan and his "Pacer" will be remembered for a long time and so will Dave.
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02/04//08 Kevin Mc Larry Brolsma #5 parked right above the rear bumper I'm thinking I know Kneisel was at EWS at least once. His car is in a picture I have that was taken around 1979 or 80. Late season race I believe. It was a day time race so Id say it was a late season Sunday show.
3/18/08 Dwight Clock Dave Kneisel was a great innovator. I have always found it sadly ironic that bothe he and another great racing mind, Jim Shampine, were taken from us on the same night. On September 4th, 1982 Kneisel was killed at Orange County Fair Speedway and Shampine was fatally injured at Oswego. It was a terrible double loss for northeast short track racing. Dwight Clock