Photo ID # e02.02.08___L_PAU_FLM_0080_1
Car #: #L
Driver (s) : Billy Pauch
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1980's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Frank Eechhoudt
Comments: When asked about some his favorite cars at the 2008 Motorsports show, Billy mentioned the good days behind the wheel of the Liedl #L car.  Not sure what the actual number was, but Billy had quite a win streak going behind the wheel of this car.  I'm not an expert, but watching this car work with Bill behind the wheel makes me feel like this was one of the very first cars to really figure out the air at Flemington...
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02/03/08 Bob Vichioli Love this car and the one after it with the bigger body on it I live in CT and my buddy and me would go to Flemington every other week because we were so young and had to skip a week to save money to go anyway I loved to watch Billy hammer that car around the square ! Now if I could only find my "L" car shirt that read GOES LIKE L on the back!
04/17/08 Roger McCloughan This is the car that (with Billy driving of course! tied the track
record at Flemington for most consecutive wins (9, I think). Billy lost
to Kenny Brightbill in a 200-lapper in trying to break the record late
in the season. What an awesome combination that will never be
09/04/08 Roger McCloughan This picture of Billy and the L were a cover photo in Modified County
USA that I had Billy autograph at Motorsports 2008!
11/07/08 Steve Kresge Just one of the neatest things to see is billy start in the back of each
feature when there was a 4-25 lap show at Flemington no matter what car he was in. WOW!