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Photo ID # 01.01.03_303_DMU_EWS_2000_1
Car #: 303
Driver (s) : Freddy Dmuchowski
Location: East Windsor, NJ
Date: 2000
Photographer: Alan Moore
Photo provided by: Todd J
Comments: I would have to think that nobody has logged more miles on the East Windsor clay than Freddy Dmuchowski.  (Lets do some quick math here... If Fred started in 1965, and ran an average of  20 shows a year, with an average of 50 warm up, heat, consi & feature laps combined per night, that would be 37 years X 20 shows X 50 lap per show which equals   37000 laps or 18,500 miles!) 

And while turning those laps, Fred has gotten the attention of a couple of generations with his on track accomplishments.  A gentleman on and off the track, when the #303 is right, Fred is still just as hard to beat as ever in Hightstown!

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01/26/03 Todd L Fred is another one who has limited backing but continues to be fast ...annually and weekly
11/28/03 Matt H Freddy D sure was (is) a class act, is that the California Speed Parts Trailer in the backround?