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Photo ID # d01.01.07_12W_WEA_UNK_0090M_1
Car #: #12W
Driver (s) :

...was going to be Wayne Weaver...

Location: Unsure
Date: 1992
Photographer: Wayne Weaver
Photo provided by: Wayne Weaver
Comments: Comment from Wayne:  Found this photo in my archives. This is a very unique photo. This car never made it to the track. This was a team started by Brian Gladden from Salsbury Pewter in 1992 and I was slated to drive the car. The team purchased a new Olsen car, truck, enclosed trailer, brand new engine from John Burnett and even used my number. Before the season started there was some type of legal issues between the Gladden's and Salsbury Pewter and the entire deal was disolved and all of the assetts liquidated.

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01/20/07 Kenny Lund Wow, lettering has come a long way since '92
01/20/07 3-Wide Well, when you think about it, it was 15 years ago.  Although sometimes I wonder if anybody can read most of the stuff that's on today's cars. 

While at Bridgeport for the last race of the year, I was playing a memory game with the person sitting next to me.  After a heat race I would ask him to describe any particular car that was in the last race including number, color and any sponsor names that he remembered.  For the most part, no sponsor names were remembered and only those cars being driven by guys whose names he had recognized could he remember the color or number.

Which leads me to believe that most of the sponsor graphics are there for the posed shots where the car is not moving, so that the photo can be presented to each individual sponsor.  As far as fan in the stand recognition, I don't think its happening.