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Photo ID # d08.24.07_017_KEN_FLM_0090_1
Car #: #17
Driver (s) : Mark Kenyon
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1990
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Bruce Thomas
Comments: Comment from Bruce Thomas:  I'm sure you remember this guy, wasn't he the sportsman or rookie champ at Flemington one year, and now a tv comentator for some dirt shows?
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05/24/07 S. Kresge I think he was rookie of the year at Syracuse.   He said in an article about owing someone a t-shirt.  It was for some stupid remarks I made at his trailer that year that were uncalled for as he really was a decent driver.  I never went to him to collect. Sorry Mark.

Great job as analyst for the Late Models
09/04/07 3-Wide I think its just human nature (and no, I'm not giving myself a pass on this one either) to kind of recent someone who shows up with real nice equipment, who then procedes to go out there and do a good job.  Let's face it... it makes for a better screenplay when someone who has next to nothing to work with, that looks like a bucket of bolts, goes out and spanks the higher dollar stuff...

There's only one problem with this kind of logic...  and that is, once a driver straps himself into a car, nobody looks at his W2...  the racing gods are not impressed by the profit and loss statements....  He is putting himself at risk, he has to be brave, he has to have ability or even the best equipment will quickly fall to the back of the pack. 

Does having great equipment speed up the learning curve?  Absolutely...  but so does having a family that has been involved in racing for many years...  But whether it's having great equipment out of the gate, or a generation or 2 of racer experience already embedded in your first ride, its still up to the guy with the wheel and the pedals to know when to turn and how far to push!

Mark Kenyon showed up to Flemington with real nice stuff... and guess what?  He delivered.

In some ways, a guy who shows up with real nice equipment has it tougher as the expectation is that he better do great since he's got an equipment advantage... Anything less and soon you'll be hearing those in the stands saying that he's no good... 

Funny thing is that when I was a kid and thought about what I would want to drive for my first racecar, I told the people that I sat with in turn 1 at Flemington that I would get the best stuff I could afford and then paint it flat black with a brush, and write my # on the side like if it was painted by the "Lil Rascals"...  and then if I even did half way decent, people would say, "Wow... look at that kid go....  Imagine if he had good equipment!"
09/30/07 racerx Mark finished 7th at Syracuse his first time there and was the rookie of the race winner.He had the best of equipment, same as Hearn. The equipment sure did help him, but it took the driver to race the thing. Mark finished ahead of a lot of big names that day.
11/09/07 Nascar4824 Fan Mark showed up with good stuff and I for one thought he did a great job , I
liked his white rookie car better but no matter what he was in he gave it his best effort. Mark sure has become a great announcer on Speed in his later years