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Photo ID # a03.21.04_17_TOB_FLM_0089V_2
Car #: #17
Driver (s) : Toby Tobias
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1989
Photographer: Fred Voorhees (his camera at least....)
Photo provided by: Fred Voorhees
Comments: Comments provided by Fred:  Good lord, did my hair really look like that back then?  I just had to have a picture of myself and Toby Tobias for my racing scrapbook!  During a day of test sessions and practice at Flemington, I used the opportunity to get just that picture.  Toby was a very exciting driver at Flemington
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03/21/04 3-Wide Hey Fred...  You are right about both things... Toby was very exciting to watch at Flemington..., and yea, your hair really did look like that back then!
03/24/04 Kevin Budden.. Let me tell ya I know Fred and he still looks the same, you know one of those Dick Clark type guys. Thanks for all the fantastic photos, memories, and all the great times we had at Flemington, I'll see ya at the races!!    Kevin Budden..
03/22/07 Chris Voorhees Hey Uncle Fred... NICE HAIR