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Photo ID # a03.21.04__1_COZ_FLM_0084V_1
Car #: #1
Driver (s) : Frank Cozze
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1984
Photographer: Fred Voorhees
Photo provided by: Fred Voorhees
Comments: Comments provided by Fred:  Frank Cozze hustles the DeBlasio Racing #1 through the Flemington course.  This Troyer mount was the same car that Billy Pauch enjoyed so much success in renumbered as the #5.
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03/21/04 3-Wide I didn't know that this car later became the #5...  But here's something else to think about.  I'm wondering if this car was #1 and painted these colors as a connection to the late Wally Marks from Trenton NJ, who owned winning cars as far back as the 20's!  I know that Al "Post-Time" DiBlasio was one of the original crewmen on the Polecat #39, and I know that all those guys from the Trenton, NJ - Morrisville, PA area knew each other.  If you look at the way that gold #1 is written, you see a connection to Wally's cars.  Maybe I'm looking at it too much, but it's an idea... 

I don't know how long Frank was in this car, but I know that Billy had a pretty good run for a while in it.  It's amazing how these 2 great drivers can still be found still battling each every Saturday night at NES some 20 years later!

03/24/04 Kevin Budden.. I was up at Al's Sunoco on 3-20 and we got to reminiscing about the old day's and I know they would really like this photo. Come to find out my parents, and Al and Delores Deblasio all knew each other growing up. Small world, 
03/26/04 Casey and Drew Wally Marks was involved with this car.  It was a joint venture called DAM racing.Al DeBlasio Jr. and Dave DeBlasio owned the car and Wally Marks provided the engine and many years of racing knowlege to this team.  Frank Cozze ran this car at the end of the 1982 season and all of 1983.  I would have to check back but I know Cozze won 2 races in this car, and would have won more but a flat tire problem while leading 3 or 4 races limited trips to victory lane. 

In the winter of 1983, personality clashes dissolved the Marks/DeBlasio team.  In 1984 Pauch jumped in and had much success.