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Car #: #81 & #76
Driver (s) : Stan Ploski or Sammy Beavers and Gerald Chamberlain
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1976
Photographer: Fred Voorhees
Photo provided by: Fred Voorhees
Comments: Comments provided by Fred:  WOW!   Does it get any better than this?  Here is a shot from where I spent years and years watching the Flemington action.  Shown is either Stan Ploski or Sammy Beavers in the Norcia Mustang and Gerald Chamberlain in the Gus Frear 76.  Now, those were the days man!
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03/29/04 3-Wide Great picture Fred...  But it's real hard to look at this picture and remember that this car wasn't on the scene that long as Stan flipped it leaving turn 2 one night and didn't stop until he got to turn 3.  Real scary wreck but I think it was one that he did walk away from.
03/30/04 Fred 3-Wide, I firmly believe that those days right there were some of the best dirt trackin days that Flemington had ever seen!  Ploski, Osmun, Chamberlain, Fitzcharles at his best, Del George and a host of others.  I couldn't wait until Saturday got there.

You know, as lots of my racing friends will attest to, we used to congregate at the speedway starting at ten in the morning and throw quoits and drink beer and shoot the crap all day until the racing started.  I would't have had it any other way and it was racing such as what this picture represents that made us spend almost the entire day there.  If ever the phrase "Those were the days" applied, it was during those magical years!

04/02/04 Bill Hanna Great Shot by Fred from his permanent residence of many years at Flemington.  I myself, spent the majority of my early years from this same area, and I do believe that is Stan The Man in the # 81, and the 76 Pinto was soon to be replaced by the first "Falcon" which featured a Ford Truck Locked Rear and would allow Gerry to dominate Flemington in 1974. - Bill Hanna, Easton PA
04/18/04 Glenn Grafton Being a "gear head" I always found the Chamberlain/Frear cars interesting.  Many stock Ford high performance engine parts  were used, not like the situation  today where the engines almost exclusively use after market parts.   Also, they sometimes used independent front suspension rather than the traditional dirt  set up of a straight front axle.  I believe Terry
Ebersole built the chassis  for some of these cars.  In any case, Gus Frear sure knew how to tune those Ford big blocks.
04/26/04 Mark Bullock This photo is from early 1974, Gus Frear  wrenched the car and my dad, Joseph Bullock, owned it.  Keep up the good work!     Mark Bullock