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Car #: #81 and friends....
Driver (s) : (Fred wants to see how many you can guess....)
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1983
Photographer: Fred Voorhees
Photo provided by: Fred Voorhees
Comments: Comments provided by Fred:  Sammy Beavers leads a pack of growling modifieds around turn four during heat action.     How many can you name?
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03/29/04 3-Wide I think I got 7 of them Fred...  and in no particular order here's their intials:  F.O., B.C., C.S., R.P., R.L., F.D. S.B or S.P or P.F.and maybe L.K!  (Hey, I didn't want to spoil it Fred and besides, I may only be right on a couple of them...)
03/29/04 Rich Scott Here's my guess. First, I could have been sitting right next to you Fred as I always sat in that open grandstand next to the covered, a great spot. 

#65C Ray Cranston, Markovich #96 (Paul Fitcharles at the time I think), #23 Billy Cannon, #39 Nick Slaugh (spelling?), #125 Roger Laureno, #303 Freddy Dmuchowski, Car right behind #39 I'm guessing is #17 of Phil Meisner, just a guess as I think it's has brown sides and a white roof, Barry Schenk "A", was Newt Hartman in it at the time?, Yellow coupe was a former Reutimann car #0 Lew Haune (spelling?), That last car I can't make it out, to fuzzy.

03/29/04 Rick Shive O.K., 3-Wide, you got the front of the pack, I got the back:The"A"(Phil Meisner?), Lew Hann, and Lou Altobelli. 
03/30/04 Fred Rich, you would remember me.  I always sat on the top row of section K right over in the corner with my wife and our son.  I used to blast the air horn for Pauchy when he won.  THAT ought to make you remember.   And YES, in my opinion, those seats were the best damned seats in the house.   I should know, I sat in them, the same seats, from the first season they were open (I think 1972) until I left the speedway in 1990.  In fact, when they replaced the planks in the later years with aluminum, I made sure that I got roughly six feet of the very plank that we sat on for all of those years.  I am currently right at the beginning of an old two car attached garage renovation here at home and it will have a sort of racing theme.  I am hoping to somehow work that piece of bleacher seating into the mix.
03/30/04 Todd Lewis Fred D. , Fred Orchard , Ray Cranstoun, Markovich 96, Nick Schlauch and Phil Meisner (Polenz may have been in the 65c I will tell Scott to look at the pic to see)
04/24/04 Bill Hanna Here is my best guess:  Sammy Beavers # 81, Ray Cranston #65C, Paul Fitzcharles # 96, Nick Schlaugh # 39, Roger Laureno # 125, Fred Dmuchoski # 303, Larry Kline # A, Lew Hahn # 0, Lou Altobelli #93, and behind Schlaugh I can only guess that it may be Phil Meisner # 17, very hard to tell.

I 150% agree with you Fred that these the very best seats at the "square" for the fans, though I consider myself fortunate to have an officials seat from the crows' nest.

04/18/04 Todd Lewis The 65C is piloted by Rich Polenz.   I verified this with Scott Cranstoun who is the owners son and my Brother In Law.