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Car #: #24
Driver (s) : Bobby Allison and Ken Brenn (see comment from Fred Voorhess regarding the identity of the man between Bobby and Kenny
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1983
Photographer: Fred Voorhees
Photo provided by: Fred Voorhees
Comments: Photo comment provided by Fred Voorhees:  Flemington promoter Paul Kuhl did a couple of promotions over the years where he would bring in some Winston Cup drivers.  On this evening, Bobby Allison and Bobby Hillon came in and Allison drove one of the Brenn machines.  Here Bobby poses with Ken Jr. and an unknown person.  Anyone know who this guy is in the middle? (see notes below)
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04/0404 Todd L Is that Ken Brenn Sr?
04/09/04 3-Wide ...I know it's not Ken Brenn Sr....  Come on Vault Visitors... who's in the middle?
04/11/04 Todd L Not Will Cagle
04/28/04 Rick Shive One of the Stavola Bros.,maybe?  Bobby drove for them at the time.    
04/30/04 Fred Voorhees Hey Rick, that might not be a bad guess.  It could very well be one of the Stavola brothers.  After all, their business is only maybe a half hour or so away from Flemington.  Don't  know where they actually lived, but I still think that is the best guess yet. 
05/01/04 John Hanna Center definetly not Ken Brenn Sr , looks like the late John Cramer Sr,   past car owner and  father of Billy Cramer  who drove at Flemington years ago.  John lived not to far away from the Brenns.
10/29/05 John W. Billmyer, Jr. Cruising this great site again and came upon this picture. I don't know who the gentleman in the middle is, but is not either of the Stavola Brothers. When this shot was taken Bobby was driving the DiGard Miller car. Check the driving suit colors. Love the site and keep up the GREAT work by ALL!!
John W. Billmyer, Jr. - Benson, NC.
02.13.12 Fred Voorhees I think that the guy in the middle is Herb Fisher...the head of General Motors racing division. This was brought out in the Brenn family interviews at the Flemington Speedway Historical Society meeting lon 2/7/12.  I realized it that night when he said it and it slipped my mind until I heard him say it again in Lennys video of the interviewing on your forum.

Rob Spilatore

I ran in to Ken Brenn, Jr. at a local food store in Dayton, NJ yesterday.  I didnít realize he lived around here (I always associated him with the Warren area).  Anyway, we were talking racing, and about the night that Bobby Allison drove their Stanton car at Flemington.  I told him how cool that deal was, and how we agreed itís a shame we donít see that kind of promotion being run today.

I said I remembered how well Bobby did, with it being his first time in that car and the first time at Flemington.  He even led a few laps of the feature as I recall.  Ken added that he finished 13th, and they were happy that he brought the car home in 1 piece!

He said ďthe best part of that deal was the fact that Bobby hung out with the team and a bunch of fans until about 3:30 in the morning, having a few beers and talking racing.  Then he want to Pocono the next day and ran 500 miles!Ē  NASCAR drivers from that era were a different breed, indeed.