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Photo ID # a04.04.04__L_PAU_INS_0081V_1
Car #: #L
Driver (s) : Billy Pauch
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1981
Photographer: Fred Voorhees
Photo provided by: Fred Voorhees
Comments: Photo comment provided by Fred Voorhees: Here's a shot of the interior of a modified... this one from the Liedl Brothers famous L car.   I guess the saying went a long way towards a number of modified wins.
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03/29/04 Joe Waite Wow!

This brings back memories for me in a big way!   I looked at this dash so many times over the course of a couple of years. (Because I really wanted to Drive after being in awe of Billy`s talent and abilities) and once they put me in the seat just to get car back on the trailer after one of Billy`s many wins at Flemington, You should've seen the look on my face!  If I smiled any harder my jaw would've come unhinged! Lol!!!!

What a dream for this Car crazy kid!  I only idled it up the ramps, but man was it Awesome!  You could feel the power of the big block just itching to go ballistic!

I was lucky enough to be around Billy and the Leidel`s, thanks to a friend named Steve Long. His brother John drove Billy`s old Gremlin Sportsman (then called the ~Little L~) briefly after Billy got this Cool new Mud Bus.

Every week Billy just Tore up anywhere we went, and it didn't matter if the car was setup or not Billy would just somehow compensate for whatever it lacked and he would Just Fly this thing for all it was worth!

The Leidel`s were always very nice to me as was Billy and his crew.  Makes me wish I hadn't gone away from the races the few years I did.
Even though I'm sure Billy or any of the Leidel`s wouldn't know me from anyone else these days, but if any of you see this, you have no idea how much impact you had on this fresh out of high school kid, and how you and Billy are still My heroes and Yes I'm still one of your biggest Fans!

While I'm at it, I just want to say how Awesome this site is, and thank you for providing a place to see all this great racing history!  Maybe this will influence some new kind of modern Modified with old school body class!
Wouldn't that be cool!

Thanks Again!
Joe Waite