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Photo ID # a12.11.04_061_ELI_ALC_0054D_1
Car #: #061
Driver (s) : Steve Elias
Location: Alcyon (Pitman, NJ)
Date: 1954
Photographer: Walt Chernokal
Photo provided by: Steve Elias
Comments: Comments From Steve: I'm sending a couple of pictures of a wreck I had at Alcyon Speedway in 1954.  I blew a right front tire going down the back stretch broke thru the fence and the top rail picked up the fender and came thru the firewall broke the steering column loose and rode up between my legs and if you notice I hit the next post and that stopped the car keeping the rail from going thru me.

I ended up with 19 stitches in my upper leg.  Went to Pleasantville the next night and won the feature in a different car.  Hope you like the pictures by Walt Chernokal.


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12/12/04 Ned Stites III This car had Steve Elias 061 under the paint (referring to the color picture above that was taken approx 10 years ago.) I sent you this before, but when I saw the car on your site it reminded me.
03/25/05 Kevin Budden You really can't help liking this story and photos, thanks to everyone involved and that Im glad to hear your still with us to share your story Steve!
12/01/07 Bill Lawsen daggon man, your lucky that you didn't make history back then as having the first sex change performed.

thats kinda what happened to Reds Kagel at Charlotte driving the 60 car for Melvin Joseph. That guardrail cut off his right leg just above the knee when he hit the wall on the driver's side first and the guardrail came into the car.
10.06.14 Mike Heath

Bill, good info but I see 3 things wrong with your story.  It was car #2 of Melvin Josephs (not # 60) and Redís hit the guard rail nose first and he impaled the last set of guardrails and it went thru the headlite area, cut the engine in half and took off his left leg.  I only saw a couple of races before Reds got hurt, but I saw almost all of the when he started back driving in 1968 at Hershey Park before he got his Nascar license back.  Thank You, Mike Heath