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Car #: #cant tell...
Driver (s) : Vinnie Green
Location: Wall Stadium
Date: 1981
Photographer: Mike Towle (Mike's Performance Center)
Photo provided by: Mike Towle (Mike's Performance Center)
Comments: Wasn't there... heard about it.... seen pictures in AARN.  Still don't know how he got out of this one.  Reminds me of Michael Waltrip at Bristol many years ago.  I guess it broke in all the right places, and in this case that's a good thing.  Hopefully some of the Wall faithful who were there on this day will be able to provide more info.
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04/02/06 Kevin Eyers In a split second the car hit the wall and began to disintegrate. Than it seemed like forever, parts were flying everywhere. When it all settled the engine was in turn three and the cockpit before the entry of turn three. There was dead silence, than Vinnie emerged with only a minor injury to his toe. The most amazing thing I've ever seen in racing.  (That's Tom Baldwin in the Charlie J. #1. Charlie was driving the Tony Ferrante X-3. Tom got into the back of Vinnie down the back stretch.)
07/05/06 Michael Kent believe that is jamie tomaino in the red 09 and bill or bob gratton? in the #11 white pinto.
07/06/06 Kevin Eyers 09 is Jamie Tomaino & the 11 was Jim Hoffman driving for the Grattons.
07/06/06 Barry Hulse There were only two occasions that you could have heard a pin drop at Wall Stadium that I remember.  One was the night Sandy Riddle went flying right up and over the first turn fence with the throttle stuck- you could see the car flying upside down just before it went out of sight! They found him upside down near the access road around the track which was quite a drop from the top of the track fence.

The other was this wreck with the Vinnie Green # 44 modified. That was by far the scariest and most spectacular wreck I ever saw in person! I think everyone in the stands and the pits all gasped for air and held their breath until Vinnie started to emerge from the twisted pile of wreckage!  The analogy to the Michael Waldrip or even the Mark Harmon wreck at Bristol is a good one!
07/07/06 3Wide Hey Barry... spellchecker not working on Michael's last name, or are was it a Freudian slip!  First time I ever heard that one...  He still races, doesn't he?...
07/17/06 BILLY WALKER (KRASH 63) Hey guy's - #11 pinto is Pete Britton.  He was driving for Gratton.   (Don't forget about Kremers turn 4 crash)
08/01/06 Carey Ryan I remember the interview with Vinnie after the accident. He mentioned pulling the transmission out of gear in mid-air fearing a stuck throttle. As I recall, the only thing holding the engine to the car (post accident) were a couple of ground straps to the firewall.
08/15/06 Kevin Mc car # was 44... I think

Was sitting in turn 4 that day. yeah it was like everyone else described. Saw it all. The whole event took maybe 3 seconds start to finish.  Im pretty sure all that was able to be salvaged was the seat and gauges.

Im pretty sure theres video of it, but I have never seen the wreck except for
when it happened.

The very next year for the Turkey Derby some comedian stopped by in the
middle of the night and spray painted in the same spot on the boards something  like "VINNIE HIT HERE" 

real tasteless
08/22/06 Rich Imlay Was shooting in turn 2, saw the wreck. went down to see what was happening and Vinnie's feet were sticking out of the front of the car! couldn't believe he got out of it. Tow truck picked up the motor and proceeded to drop it on the carb
12/21/06 Bob Krollage I was about 10 cars behind the wreck in the 67 modified..I saw the roof spiral up into the air then everyone in front of me started to scatter.  I went to the left into the infield and spun to a stop.  I saw Vinnie sitting in the roll cage and thought to myself HOLYS>>T!!!!!I was sure glad to see him walk
away from that one!!!  Bob Krollage 67 modified
12/28/06 Tom Crosby I am from Rhode Island and I was at the track that day. We New Englanders had always heard about the Turkey Derby at Wall in the Speedway Scene and our race season was over and we had to get our fix of racing.

It was my first time at the track and I was impressed right from the moment that I walked in. For some reason it reminded me of Lonsdale Arena in R.I. a very fast 1/3 mile high banked track. www.speedwaypromotions.com/rastoris.htm .  The hurricane of 1954 named Carol did a number on it as it was built next to the Blackstone River and it closed a couple of years later.

The guys are correct in there description and as they say you could have heard a pin drop. I haven't seen anything like that since, even Waltrips crash as bad as it was was some what mild compared to Vinnie's. Parts and wood flying everywhere and the motor bouncing down the track, the rear end flying down into the infield and when the dust cleared and I saw Vinnie's legs sticking out where the firewall should be.  Of coarse I though the worst but he just stepped out of that was left of the car and everyone took a big breath and gave a big cheer.

What a ride you took Vinnie.
Tom Crosby, Warwick, R.I.
12/28/06 Michael Jaworecki That was my first Turkey derby. I have the same picture I took in a box

The place was silent in a heart beat. I thought there was no way Vinnie was going to walk away from that, to everyone's relief he did.

Until today I never knew that was Tom Baldwin in Charlie's car.

I think it took 3 wreckers to get that car back in the pits.
11/04/07 Tony Davies Unbelievable wreck. I remember seeing something rolling down the bank in turn 3 and thinking the worst. Fortunately, it was only the battery! I never would have believed that a crowded race track could be so quiet - at least until Vinnie emerged from the carnage, unscathed!
04/01/08 Thom L If my memory serves me correctly, I think that Baldwin actually drove under the car as it was wrecking, I remember this crash like it was yesterday, worst thing I ever saw in my 41 years.