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Photo ID # c07.04.06_292_MIC_FLM_0073D_1
Car #: #292
Driver (s) : Al Michalchuk
Location: Flemington
Date: 1973
Photographer: Bill Young
Photo provided by: Kevin Budden and Herb Hoskins
Comments: Well, they say if you don't win, be spectacular...  Al won on a couple of occasions, and let's just say that he was spectacular on a few more.

Can't remember the details here, but Al ended up upside down on top of the #11 driven by Lee McBride between the 3rd and 4th turn at Flemington during the heat race. 

Here's the first interesting part:  For those who may not know, Al didn't weigh more than about 130lbs....  if you look closely at the top photo, you'll see that his helmet is still in the car, but he's long gone!  When the car finally stopped rolling, Al found that he couldn't get out because of the crunched down side window openings..  Quick thinking, he unstrapped his helmet and was able to squeeze on out!

Here's the second interesting part:  This accident happened on August 4th, 1973 (thank you Warren Wetzel for your record keeping!), and as you can see, the coupe looks pretty well done.  

Well, Al and his dad loaded what was left of it onto the old trailer and drug it back to the Trenton area and worked a little magic.  Below is the result:

b05.21.05_292_024_FLM_0073_1.gif (442207 bytes)
That very next Saturday... A week after rolling the #292, Al beat one of the best in the business as he's shown above taking the win over Newt Hartman in the Sportsman Main Event.
11.08.03_292_TAS_FLM_0073_1.jpg (48325 bytes)
...And behind the wheel of his #292, Al was both, spectacular and a winner.
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07/09/06 Fred Voorhees Al was never flashy. His cars almost always looked like they were sent through the ringer, but darn, he could always be counted on to give you a great show around the outside of the speedway!!! No one smacked the outside wall at Flemington more than little Al. He got away with it quite often, but then there were the other times. Jesus, I miss those days!
07/10/07 John Checker or wrecker. There was no in between for this guy. Many a night he put on a show for the fans.  He might of only weighed 130 or so pounds; but nobody ever weighed his right foot. When he was in the feature, it wasn't going to be a dull one.   
07/10/06 3Wide What can I say John... you have a way with words. 
09/17/06 John I would like to add to this; I have talked to many Flemington non regulars over the years, and the majority of them, especially the females, have all remembered Al/292 over the " big names' of the time. None could name the " stars', but they did know Al's first and last name by heart; He not only left an impression on the guardrails at Flemington, he left a lasting inpresssion on those that witnessed his quest for victory.

Hank Winecker

Gees... I miss watching Al Michaelchuk, He was worth the FULL price of admission.  I think I ditto Fred Voorhees comments above. Long live the 292.

07.03.14 3Wide The picture you provided of Al headed to the checkered flag a few feet in front of Newt is one of my all time favorites.  Thanks for being at the right place at the right time Hank!