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Car #: #405
Driver (s) : not sure...
Location: East Windsor Speedway
Date: 67?
Photographer: Ace Lane Sr.
Photo provided by: Earl Krause / Area Auto Racing News
Comments: A while back I was talking with Earl Krause from Area Auto Racing News about some of my earliest memories of East Windsor Speedway.  About how my father would take me for the Sunday afternoon shows and how quickly some of us became hooked!

I mentioned to Earl that I wasn't sure of the year, but that on one of my first visits I remembered a big sedan #405 (possibly black and yellow) flipping down the frontstretch and how I was amazed that the guy climbed out and was ok.  Earl instantly remembered the car as only Earl can do, and I'm pretty sure he may even of known the driver's name.   (I'm pretty sure that the driver was from Staten Island as it was not uncommon for some of the Weissglass racers to take the Sunday drive to NJ.)

Well, today I got a phone call from Earl telling me that he had just found a picture from that very day, with the #405 upside down on the frontstretch.... and here it is!

Thanks Earl for letting me see my almost 40 year old memory in black and white, exactly as I remember it.
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11/02/06 Rick Shive The driver of the #405 is John Popick,you were right that he was a Weissglass Stadium regular.
11/03/06 Walter Onora Yes, that's John crawling out form the wreckage.

One of the best from Weissglass was Howie Brown. In fact Howie turned out to be a top ten driver in the limited sportsman ranks back then. In fact He finished 4th in the point standings back in 1967!! Unfortunately, He passed away at an early age. Howie was some talented driver!
11/03/06 George LeBlanc That car was built originally by a well know Staten Island mechanic and engine builder Gus Constantinides, AKA "Gus The Greek", for Langhorne. The address of his shop was 405 Simonson Ave, hence the #405.

He sold it to John Wilcox and Johnny Popick drove it. A week later after the flip at East Windsor the car had a Falcon body on it at Flemington and yup, he flipped again. Gus also drove this car himself at Nazareth and later on built a beautiful 37 Flatback yellow and black sedan #60 for Nazareth which he flipped and destroyed.
11/04/06 3-Wide Any idea what year the picture if from George?  I'm trying to get the specific date because it may have been the first time I was ever at East Windsor...
11/04/06 George LeBlanc I'm pretty sure it was a Sunday afternoon sportsman race in 1967. The flip is on either an Ace Lane or Snyder video. I remember John looking for the video and he told me he got it from one of the two.George.
11/04/06 3-Wide That would make sense George because I think I was around 6 years old when my dad first took me to EWS.
11/5/06 Walter Onora Yes those two flips are on a Snyder racing video. I believe it is on "Dirt track Memories" I view it once in a while. A lot of shots from East Windsor are on this particular video from that era. Old Bridge Stadium was another track, Weissglass drivers would "Invade" back on the early to mid sixities, on a Sunday afternoon.
11/09/06 George Perkins I emember seeing this car run at Nazareth, seems like it had really elaborate lettering on it.

I also remember the Weisglass drivers at East Windsor, Old Bridge and especially Ft. Dix, where they did especially well.  I have a pretty vivid memory of Howie Brown at Ft. Dix, riding on the running board of Tiny Milano's car, jack handle in hand, as they chased some guy from Delaware down the back stretch.

I also remember some young guy from S.I. bringing a really gorgeous 37 coupe there one night in a rented box truck. He ended up wadding the car up really badly and it took them forever to load the car up in the box truck.

When somebody asked him how he was gonna unload the car, he replied, "chain it to a tree and drive out from under it".
11/18/06 Walter Onora Yes, the "Boys from Weissglass" take no nonsense (crap) from no one!!