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Nice and New, Freshly Painted - All that's needed now is an Engine and it's off to the Races!

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Too High in Two

a08.23.04_TOY_LUZ_FLM_0080_2.jpg (86570 bytes)The Wall Grabs Another... a08.23.04_TOY_LUZ_FLM_0080_3a.jpg (82616 bytes)

Right Real Axel Rips Out

a08.23.04_TOY_LUZ_FLM_0080_4.jpg (85837 bytes)

Pieces Fly From the Impact

a08.23.04_TOY_LUZ_FLM_0080_5.jpg (89133 bytes)

Joe's Helmet Flys Out!

a08.23.04_TOY_LUZ_FLM_0080_6.jpg (77281 bytes)

Concerned Spectators Look On...

a08.23.04_TOY_LUZ_FLM_0080_7.jpg (77867 bytes)

Toy Car Finally Comes to Rest.

Photo ID # c11.02.06_TOY_LUZ_FLM_0080D_1
Car #: #TOY
Driver (s) : Joe Luzi
Location: Flemington
Date: 1981
Photographer: Mel Stettler
Photo provided by: Joy Auto Parts
Comments: We are very happy to say that Joe Luzi survived this frightening crash at Flemington in 1981 and despite his helmet coming off and his hand near the roof, we don't believe that Joe suffered any series injuries from this crash.  Joe's father raced at Roosevelt Stadium back in the 50's and now Joe's son Garrett races in the SS Sprint Division at New Egypt Speedway.  Joe can be found at Joy Auto Parts located on Highway 22 in Greenbrook, NJ.) 
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