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Photo ID # d04.15.07_044_COZ_FLM_0070D_2
Car #: #44
Driver (s) : Frank Cozze
Location: Flemington
Date: 1974
Photographer: Bill Young
Photo provided by: Herb Hoskins
Comments: I remember this one like it was yesterday...  Frank ended up with the greasy side up and the sunny side down in turn one.  After getting Frank out of the car, the guys rolled the #44 back on its wheels and Frank climbed back in, started it up, found a gear and drove it clockwise back into the pits. 

Before the track crew could finish spreading out the sand to dry up whatever had leaked out of the #44, Frank was back on the track and ready to line up with the pack much to the approval of the fans!

So "technically" this photo really doesn't belong in the "Double Pick-Up" Section since it never did require a wrecker, never mind 2 of them, but we had to find a home for it somewhere...  And let's face it, there weren't too many that ended up on their lid at Flemington that didn't require at least one.
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04/1707 Bucky Stevens I believe that this is Frank's rookie year. My memory tells me that he also went on to qualify through the heat after this accident. This coupe is probably one of the most durable and widely raced cars ever. Can you name some of the drivers?
04/18/07 3-Wide I'm not sure, but I think someone said that this may have been a Budd Olsen car... #0..., I always wondered if it was the same #44 with the black roof driven by Tas, Ploski and Pickell... and I'm not sure by Rick Cozze may have driven it too...   (I'm not really sure about this so all other opinions are welcome!)
09/13/07 Ricky Rutt This coupe was built a year after the coach and originally driven by Al Tasnady. When Bud Olsen took over the driving duties he completely changed the car by reconfiguring the front and rear clip. Bob Pickell drove the car next and was also driven once as a modified by Rick Cozze at Nazareth. After it was retired as a modified Frank used it for his rookie/sportsman car. The car was later sold to George Hildebrant who sold it to Teddy Patton. It was last raced by Patton in 1980 or 81.