Photo ID # H04.07.11_024_CAG_MID_0071_1
Car #: #24
Driver (s) : Will Cagle
Location: Middletown, NY
Date: 1971
Photographer: Hertica
Photo provided by: Aintgottime4this
Comments: Comments from provider:   Attached is a photo of Will Cagle taken at the 1971 Eastern States 200 at Middletown. 

Cagle was the guy you had to beat at Middletown (and just about anywhere else he showed up) during the Mid-Sixties to Early Seventies, after which he relocated to the Central NY DIRT circuit to Terrorize the local talent up there.

They called him "The Tampa Terror", "Wily Will", "Sneakers" and I'm sure a few other names during a Northeast Modified career which I believe found him in South Jersey around 1960. He was a Professional who raced for a living and his base of operations seemed to constantly move further to the North to chase the Money.

Cagle knew his competition and figured out a way to beat them all.

He had a book of tricks which included something for everyone. Used psychology to beat many of them. Smooth as glass with the throttle and steering wheel. Uncanny ability to avoid the wrecks. Took care of his equipment and most always was competitive for the win at the finish.

Will Cagle was Extraordinary during Modified Stock Cars' Greatest Era.  One of the greatest I ever had the privilege to watch.

Additional notes about the photo........I think that's "Whiskers", Cagle's Right-hand-man in those days, kneeling by the LR tire. I can look at Cagle and see the Wheels Turning
inside his head...
(Hertica Photo. Exclusive to 3 Wides.)
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04.08.11 George Gwynn "Wiley Will" was a welcome addition to any pit area back in those days. If memory serves me correctly, he was one racer that didn't seem to chase point and track championships very often so he'd show up when you least expected. Cagle was around for all the big money fact he still is showing up for the big money races even though he is well into his "senior" years.

Cagle showed up at Charlotte Motor Speedway for Inex Legends $1million dollar show last year....out qualified all of the Legends national, young hotshoes and finished in the top 5.

He's still got it.

George Gwynn
Frederick, MD
04.16.11 Charlie Miller If I ever started a list of the drivers I wished I'd seen more of, Will would be at the top of the list.  Will didn't run Reading very often, except the big shows occasionally, and I don't believe he ever ran Penn National.  It did seem every week when you picked up your A.A.R.N., there was Will's face, name , or car on the front page, winning somewhere up and down the East coast. And of course A.A.R.N. always kept track of total feature wins, and Will's name always near the top. So I'm very sorry I didn't get to see this great driver run very often!