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Photo ID # a01.03.04_PLO_BUC_UNK_0080_1
Car #: #NA
Driver (s) : Buck Buckley, Stan Ploski and not sure....
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1980's
Photographer: Not sure
Photo provided by: Kevin Budden (Stan Ploski III)
Comments: Accomplished car builder and an amazing Sprint Car driver Buck Buckley got around the square like one of those Cox racecars that we played with when we were kids - WIDE OPEN FROM THE DROP OF THE GREEN UNTIL THE CHECKERED FLAG!  Everyone else had to blip the throttle to make it through the challenging Flemington corners while Buck held it wide open.  It wasn't uncommon to see him lap cars before the end of the second lap!  I'm not sure who the fellow is in the yellow Buckley shirt is although he looks very familiar, but I heard that the guy in the bottom of the picture also knows a thing or 2 about getting around the square!
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01/04/04 RSCA History The third person is George Moskat.  George was the owner of Steve Howard's car along with Ray Carroll. He was from Langhorne and I think he owned a speed shop.
01/09/04 Dominic Korzecki I know Buck designed the 27jr that Stan drove in 1980. The last one I believe before the Trenton Mack 74 era. I have an article in a Flemington program where stan stated how much he admired Buck and his engineering. He stated that the car he designed for him was the best that he drove in years. Better car builder or sprint car driver? hard to decide ! I know one thing, when he got in one at Flemington, the track was his !  
01/12/04 Paul Garzillo Buck Buckley absolutely DESTROYED the URC field in the 80's at Flemington in the Joe Fiore/Buckley #2. I can clearly remember Buck and Kevin Collins #12 not letting off in the turns while the rest of the field appeared to be under the caution- still get goosebumps thinking about it--It was men against boys!
12/30/04 DJ Everett I remember as a kid in the 70's watching Buck Buckley destroy the field at
Flemington. He actually had a streak of consecutive victories there in a sprint car that spanned over a number of years. I specifically remember that orange/red #2 he drove literally passing cars like they were standing still.

I moved to California in 1984 and met Buck at a CRA sprint car race in 1990 at Ascot Park, he moved his business to Arizona, and was talking about the old days at Flemington and how dominant he was. Thanks for some awesome memories Buck!!!

02.04.09 Ed Loughery Ploski drove George Moskat's sprint car at Syracuse. I'm not sure of the year. It was a car built by Buck Buckley, and had an all aluminum McLaren big block Chevy in it that displaced 510 cubic inches! Jimmy Edwards won Syracuse in the same car. I imagine that car was a real beast!