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Car #: #various....
Driver (s) : Left to Right ( Stan Ploski, Will Cagle, Frankie Schnieder, Bobby Malzahn, Jackie Evans and Buzzie Reutimann)
Location: Middletown, NY  (Thanks Doug D)
Date: Late 60's or early 70's... (Doug D thinks it's from 1968)
Photographer: Sam Rosenburg
Photo provided by: Ace Lane
Comments: Here is a group truly worthy of the title of "ALL STARS".  Back in the late 60's and early 70's there was a series of races held at various speedways where the dirt guys would have to throw on a set of smooth tires and mix it up with the asphalt boys on their home turf and then the following week, the alphalt boys would slap on the dirt tires to try to get it done in the dust!  Without given away any of the names pictured above, where else could you see Geoff Bodine in the Valiant #99 going side by side with Chamberlain or Beavers on the dirt of Flemington but the mid week All Star Show!
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01/20/04 Kevin Newman Judging by the shoes...those aren't the Apollo astronauts!!!
01/20/04 3-Wide Well, they were called All Stars and speaking of All Stars, that looks like a pair of Converse All Star High Tops on the fellow from Tampa second in from he left....
01/24/04 Doug Dulgarian I know this photo was taken in Middletown NY by Sam Rosenburg.  But I'm pretty sure the date is 7/4/68.   Stan Ploski was not a member of the All-STAR team in 1970.  He finished 19th in the final point standings in 1968.  This is a famous photo I've seen before.  In Ray Martin's Hard Clay book there is a photo taken within moments of this photo (page171).  It also states that the ALL-STAR team members got new helmets & firesuits that evening....  Doug Dulgarian....Middletown NY
06/14/04 AJB As a kid going to Wall Stadium I remember the All Star Racing League well. The concept was 2 drivers from the asphalt and dirt tracks that were members of the league would put on a mid-week show at the various member tracks throughout the course of the racing season. Gil Hearn and
Don Stives where the Wall Stadium represenitives.  This was before Gill hooked up with the Tom Durkin owned #12.  At the time Gil & Don drove their own equipment and as it happens each of them owned an asphalt and dirt car. 

The list of drivers in the league was a who's who of 70's modified racing. Evans, Charlie J, Troyer, and Geoff Bodine.