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Car #: Polecat #39
Driver (s) : (Owner:  Dave Piscopo)
Location: Morrisville, PA
Date: March 20, 2004
Photographer: 3-Wide
Photo provided by: 3-Wide
Comments: These 3 have more than a few stories between them...   Dave Piscopo, owner of the famous Polecat #39 driven by Al Tasnady, kept me, Fred Menchner and Ray Neary "all ears" for about an hour outside of Dave Piscopo Auto Body in Morrisville, PA on this first day of Spring.  One of the many things I learned today was that the #39's were actually built and garaged at the former location of Dave's shop on Wright and Hall Avenue which I understand has since burned and was rebuilt. 

The combination that Dave had with the powerful #39's with Tas behind the wheel still has us talking almost some 40 years later.  Fred Menschner (left) and Ray Neary (right) gave me a tour of the area, pointing out the many garages that housed such cars as George Taylor's #93 driven by Dick Havens and Don Stives, the Carberry #47 driven by Havens, Bob Troutman's former garage.  We also found the location on Robertson Road where Fred and Ray (back in 1966), had pushed the former Tas driven #39 from Dave's garage a few blocks away to their garage.  This car became the first silver and red Menschner/Neary #21, which later created their own history.

Speaking of history, there's a lot of in when it comes to our sport in this small little town along the Delaware, and I'm glad I had a chance to hear it from some of the guys that created it!

(Many of you may have seen the re-created #39 that Ray Neary restored last year after it was pulled from Dave's yard.  Although there are no true Tas driven #39's left, this re-creation is special in that it was actually lettered by the late Tom Backes and the fact that it did belong to Davey at one time.  It had been used as a pace car at Flemington and was on display under the main grandstand in the later years.  Dave ended up with the car and Ray came to the rescue and worked many, many hours to re-create one of the sports most famous cars.) 


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