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Photo ID # a03.26.04_BIL_SIN_FLM_0080F_1
Car #: #NA
Driver (s) : Billy Pauch and announcer Bill Singer
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1980's
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Ace Lane Jr.
Comments: "The Best in the Business" features one of the most famous faces in the Vault and THE most famous VOICE in the Vault.  While we watched with excitment as Billy Pauch eventually became the all time winningest driver at Flemington, we all listened to who I and many others believe is the best announcer of all time - Bill Singer.

Bill's professional, smooth and comforting delivery was one of the main reasons we all felt like we were among friends when we sat in the stands each and every Saturday night.  Bill was our host and he made us all feel welcome. 

I saw this respect and awe in the eyes of those who got to say hello to Bill a while back at our gathering at the New Egypt Flea Market.  There's an admiration and almost an indebtedness which one could never begin to repay for everything this one man represents to so many.  Bill is that friend who you always liked and always felt close to even though you may have never met in person. 

I know that Bill had reservations about the decision that was made by Flemington to pave at season's end in 1990, but like a trooper, he stayed with the program, but knew that much of the magic was gone. 

The magic may have been taken away from that hallowed ground just off of Route 31, but the memories of our nights at Flemington will be in our minds forever and the voice that provides the narration will always be that of Bill Singer.

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03/27/04 Todd Lewis Its Bill and Billy after a URC race at Flemington when Billy drove URC races for Joe Fiore
03/30/04 Mike Messinger To add to your correct comments Todd, this is 1988.
06/16/04 Todd Lewis Billy had taken the place of Dave Kelly I believe when Joe Fiore tapped him to fill the 8.

I will always remember the Saturday nights at Flemington with Bill and his smooth voice making the races that much more enjoyable. I also remember Bill at EWS at Bridgeport with the same affect on the racing program. THE VOICE is gone from us but in our memories we will hear it and someday we will all reunite with Bill and all the great drivers that were all taken from us too soon at the "Big DIRT Track in the sky"

07/30/04 Bill Hanna This picture is taken during the annual Flemington Fair, can you see the "Fair employee button" on Bill's collar.  Bill Hanna  Easton PA
06/17/06 Rich Reinhart You had Bill Singer at Flemington, Ray Martin at OCFS, Warren Ruffner at
Reading and Johnny Long at Nazareth. I`ve been to a lot of race tracks in
the last 35 plus years and I believe I have yet to hear an announcer that
can hold a candle to any of those 4 gentleman..