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Car #: NA
Walter Chernokal
Location: Bridgeport
Date: 2003
Photographer: Ralph Richards
Photo provided by: Ralph Richards
Comments: Walt (shown above recentely with friends) contributed so much to our sport for over 6 decades.  Walt's ability to stay excited about our sport through all its changes shows his dedication and true love for auto racing. 

I'm glad I got to meet him at the South Jersey Racing Reunion last year (2003).  He never lost the excitement and enthusiam for a sport that he had been involved in at every level and in every capacity for over 60 years.   Let's never forget that excitement and never forget what Walt Chernokal has done for the sport.

Walter Chernokal passed away shortly after attending the races at the Bridgeport Speedway on June 7th, 2004.  Racing Lost a Great Friend. 

Walt was everything good about racing. 

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03/11/07 JM Walt was one of the best when writing aout spint cars...