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Photo ID # a09.08.04_PAU_EXT_NES_2004_1
Car #: #18?
Driver (s) : Billy Pauch
Location: New Egypt Speedway
Date: 2004
Photographer: Bobby Armbruster
Photo provided by: Bobby Armbruster
Comments: On what turned out to be a pretty "unspectacular night" in the career of Billy Pauch, Bobby Armbruster still managed to find a way to take what I think turned out to be a pretty spectacular photo and sure to become one of the Vault's Favorites.

On this particular night, Billy struggled trying to make this "Extreme Late Model" find the fast way around NES....   I don't know if the car just didn't have it, or if there was too much of a difference between an Extreme Late Model and a Big Block Modified... Whatever...  I'm sure that if it was more than a one race deal, Bill would have figured it out.  He always does.  You don't win over 600 feature events without learning a few things along the way...

Of all the amazing things Billy has accomplished and continues to accomplish, perhaps the most amazing is his consistency.  Have you ever talked to someone who hasn't been to the races in 25 years and they say, "Hey, remember that guy Pauch who was winning everything?"  (You ever see the look on their face when you say, "Yea... he still races...  and he's still winning ....) 

Bill has won in the 70's, 80's 90's, 00's....   He continues to be on top.  How can this be?

Many who found success in the 70's weren't able to make the adjustments to make it work in the 80's and so on.  And I'm not just talking about drivers here.  How about owners and crew chiefs?  Hell.... name anybody in any sport or profession that was on top of their game in 1978 and is still on top today? 

Along with determination and skill, Billy's greatest ability might be that he never stops "adjusting."  Adjusting for the upcoming turn, adjusting for the car he's about to overtake, adjusting the car for the feature, adjusting for his qualifying heat, adjusting for the season, adjusting for next season, adjusting for a career. 

My opinion, (and believe me, that's all it is...) is that when Billy stops adjusting, he'll stop winning.   At that time, he'll join the rest of us in being able to point out all the things that are wrong today and how much better it used to be, when in reality everything is always changing and it's not until we consciously or unconsciously decide to stop changing that we stop being successful... stop enjoying what we do.... and eventually give up. 

But for now and hopefully the next 20 years or so, Billy's too busy adjusting...  To busy winning. 

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09/09/04 John Armbruster my brother takes a darn good picture.
09/09/04 3-Wide Like I said above John, this is one of my all time favorites.  What's really unique is that it's a strange car for Billy yet the helmet, the gloves and the intensity is no doubt Pauch.  Everybody knows that Bobby is one of the best for catching the on track action.  I hope this picture shows that he also has an eye for catching those special shots behind the scenes as well.