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Photo ID # 09.27.04_069_MCL_ALC_0054_1
Car #: #69
Driver (s) : Jackie McLaughlin
Location: Alcyon
Date: 1954
Photographer: Ed Holtzhauser
Photo provided by: Ed Holtzhauser.
Comments: Comment from Ed:   I took this photo of Jackie at Alcyon in 1954.  He is standing next to #69 car "The New Mud Duck".  It was Chick DiNatale's regular car but Jackie drove it in the season opener and won the feature with it.  I think that it was his first ever feature win. I was 12 years old at the time and Jackie must have been about 20.
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09/27/04 3-Wide This is a very special photo.  I've seen quite a few pictures of Jackie since opening the Vault and each one is special.  That being said, this may be the my favorite as it shows a very young Jackie with the helmet and goggles of the day, but so much more.  Thank you Ed for sharing this photo with all of us. 
09/28/04 Ralph J. Richards, Jr. This is a great photo of a young Jackie. This was one of his first rides in a stock car. Budd Olsen had him travel with him in the sprint cars in 1952 and 53 with limited stock car racing. I hope Ed brings his photos to the reunion this year. It has been some time since I spoke to Ed and It will be great to see his collection. Thanks Ed for sharing.  
09/28/04 3-Wide Ralph - This picture is even more impressive in person.  I did not scan it at a real high resolution, but when you see it in person it will stop you in your tracks.  Again, thank you to Ed for letting others see this photograph.
10/01/04 Bill Skinner This very special picture of Jackie was taken 4/30/54 following just his second stock car feature win ever at Alcyon; he won the last feature of the 1953 season driving car #260.  Jackie's birth date was 10/13/33, so he was, in fact, only 20 years old when this picture was taken.

Chick DiNatale drove the black and yellow #77 Mud Duck car at Alcyon in the first part of 1953, and he switched over to the (white with maroon trim) New Mud Duck #69 in August, winning features there 8/21, 9/4 and 9/18.   The cars were owned by brothers Steve and tony Bertino of Hammonton, NJ.

Jackie drove the #69 to at least a half dozen other top 5 finishes at Alcyon in 1954, but he only won the feature this one night.  The following year would be Jackie's breakout year at Alcyon, where he won 8 or 25 features driving the Lucky Jordan deuce.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Ed Holtzhauser, for such a special photo from those precious times.  Thank you very much from the rest of us kids who were "Riding With Jackie" fifty years ago!  You took a photo many of us will forever cherish!

Thanks again,  Bill Skinner