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Photo ID # a11.14.04_SIS_MOC_HAM_2004_1
Car #: #NA
Driver (s) : Tony Siscone and Sal Moschella
Location: Hammonton, NJ
Date: Nov 13th, 2004
Photographer: Tom Flanagan  ( www.atlanticcityspeedway.com )
Photo provided by: Tom Flanagan
Comments: Comments provided by Tom:  Here is a photo taken of Tony Siscone and Sal Moschella.during a visit to Tony's car lot in Hammonton. He's located at Bellevue Tire and Auto Repair on Route 54 at the Lenola Auto Mall. 
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11/14/04 3-Wide Good to see these 2 former competitors - Please send them our regards and tell them thanks for all the years behind the wheel.
11/15/04 Terry Kelleher Great to see Tony and Sal. Tony was so very smooth. Easy on equipment. Tony Siscone, Gill Hearn and Tommie Elliott. Just incredible talents.  Does any body know the number of feature wins Tony scored at Flemmington driving Dick Barney's 14s'.?   He probably scored arround fifty wins at Wall. 
11/01/05 Mark Southcott Tony Siscone won 14 (how appropriate a number!) Flemington Modified features from 1992 and ending with his 1994 Race of Champions win which was his very last race. Tony was second behind Gil Hearne in Wall Modified victories with 59 features from 1977-1992; Gil had 101 features.