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Car #: #NA
Driver (s) : Jim Hendrickson, Tommie Elliott and Joe Kelly
Location: Vineland Speedway
Date: July 15th, 1960
Photographer: William Curley
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comment from Russ Dodge:  This is a great picture taken by William Curley of three of the best on asphalt. Jim Hendrickson, Tommie Elliott and Joe Kelly. The picture was taken at Vineland Speedway on July 15, 1960. Some may find it interesting that Jim drove Paul Deasey's 707 coupe at Vineland on the asphalt prior to it's dominating 63 season on dirt.

One night while waiting during a caution, the side running boards caught fire from the flames created by excess fuel pumping out of the exhaust as the 707 idled in front of the grandstand. Thanks, Russ Dodge

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12/03/04 Walter Onora Three legends in Jersey short track racing. I remember them at Old Bridge. Both Tommie Elliott and Joe Kelly drove the Don House XL-1. Classic picture!!!
12/04/04 Jim Brewer It is noteworthy that some of us have credited Jim Hendrickson as driving the Deasey 707 on some other Websites - - but now that it comes up here - - there is a photo in the initial Racing Roundup Yearbook (1962) - - which was Jack Gunn's original effort at a Central PA yearbook. The photo is of Jackie McLaughlin in the 707 with Hendrickson signage on the car as the driver. Many of our favorites drove for Deasey.

Thanks! Jim Brewer

12/04/04 3-Wide Honestly Jim, I didn't know that either of them drove the #707.  My first memory of the car wasn't until around 70 with Ploski, Chamberlain and believe it or not, Opperman behind the wheel at EWS...  (Might have something to do with that I was born 15 days after this picture was taken!).  I have to rely on the pictures and the comments from you guys to tell the rest of the story. 

That's just one of the reasons why the Vault is so grateful to people like Russ who have captured and chronicled the history for those of us who may not have been around yet, but still know how important it is. 

12/04/04 Ned Stites III Nice picture of Tommie Elliott and friends. I was lucky enough to be invited to Russ Dodge's home many times to view some films and pictures. Many visits later, I still haven't seen all of the collection he has. I was probably at Vineland that night (6 years old). Tommie Elliott was my favorite at Vineland.

Tommie Elliott   was the first driver I really became a fan for.  My dad let me figure out for myself that the cars in the rear of the field were usually the fast ones.   We would pick two in case one didn't finish to see who had the most winners after the show. Those were great days.

I also remember looking at the 707 in the parking lot one night. That car had prescence!   I saw Jackie McLaughlin and George Sleight in it as well
as Jim Hendrickson.  When Tas started diving the car my father was a sponsor on it.    I have a trophy from the 1963 season.

12/04/04 Ed Duncan Hi Joe,believe it or not even little George Tet from L.I. drove the big Donkey at Old Bridge in 1961.Great Pic, Ed
12/04/04 Kevin WOW !!!...45 years ago...those guys are all gone now...THANKS 3 WIDES for keeping the memories alive! Kevin
12/04/04 3-Wide Thanks to William Curley for taking the photo and to Russ Dodge for providing the photo and the comment, and thanks to you guys for bringing back the memories for so many with all of your comments.  That's the whole idea of the Vault!.
01/18/06 jim hendrickson jr i know jim hendrickson drove the 707 for sure he drove it at old bridge and on dirt a few times and brought it to islip for a 500 lapper but jim had a ride in bob punzi 14 sportsman paul took the car out but the was way to fast to run on the the small 1/5 oval