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Photo ID # c10.01.06__6A_WEA_BPT_0079_1
Car #: #6A
Driver (s) : Paul Weaver
Location: Bridgeport
Date: Late 70's or early 80's?
Photographer: Bob Sweeten
Photo provided by: Bruce Thomas
Comments: Looks like team Weaver prepping the #6A.  We're hoping that you guys can help us name those in the photo.
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07/03/06 Wayne Weaver This looks like around 1980 -1982.  I think this is the car that Paul flipped real bad in 1982 and broke the roll cage. After this horrific crash Paul took, Bud started using a double rear hoop. This car has the single hoop.
I also noticed the car has drum brakes on it.

As far as the people in photo. I know some of them. The guy kneeling down working on the injected Big Block is Schultes. He was a long time pit crew member for the owner of the 6A Muse Ale and my brother Paul. The guy standing in back ground with a Coca cola shirt is Al Fornatera from Rosenhayn. I am not sure who the driver is in the racing suit.

The guy standing with the hat and mustache is Johnny Dagostino. John owned D&P used auto parts on the Vineland Bridgeton pike. John was a long time sponsor of the team. That's all I can identify at this time.

I still don't know who the guy is working on the right front and the guy Johnny is talking to? Maybe someone else will know? That is the neat part of these candid shots. Great shot thought!

10/04/06 Dave Daniels Wayne, didn't Bucky Weber sometimes get into Muse's cars?  I know Bucky had the 3W that your brother drove.  Couldn't the racer standing in the picture be Bucky?  I can't remember Bucky's face though.
10/25/06 Wayne Weaver Bucky Weber drove the car before Paul did. My brother got the ride after Bucky had a bad wreck and sheared the front clip off of the car and decided to stop driving.

The driver in the suit is definitly not Bucky. Bucky was much thinner and taller than the guy in photo. I am pretty sure Paul was in the car at this time? I can barley see his helmet on the left wing but it looks like Paul's. Back then Bucky always wore an open face helmet. Thanks for the input!