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Photo ID # c10.02_06_FRE_ADA_UNK_0070F_1
Car #: NA
Driver (s) : Freddy Adam
Location: Reading
Date: Aug 22, 1969
Photographer: Ronnie Guinther
Photo provided by: Ronnie Guinther
Comments: Comment From Ronnie: Talented driver, One tough customer during his prime!!!   Great guy, who now spends much time working with the Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society
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10/02/06 3-Wide Questions:  Do you know what my favorite thing about this picture above is?
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Answer:  35+ years later, and he's still behind the wheel at Reading, with the same smile!  (This picture of Freddy was taken at the 2006 Reading Fair during Nostalgia Night.)

I didn't get to see Fred race in person back in the day because I spent most of my time at Flemington and East Windsor, but perusing through the Area Auto Racing News each week keep me apprised of his accomplishments!
10/03/06 Edward Smith I was a big fan of Freddy Adam. I first remember seeing him at Hatfield Speedway back in the early 1960's. Also saw him win many features at the Reading Fairgrounds but my fondest memory was being at Langhorne when he won the big national eventin a 10 lap shoot-out over Bill Wimble and Kenny Shoemaker.
10/10/06 Charlie M. Having just found this website, I couldn't believe some of these fine photos. This one is one of my favorite drivers! I haven't seen Freddie for years, but he looks the same as he did in his driving days. If I didn't know better I would think this picture was taken at Reading in the 70's. It certainly is good to see he is doing so well. Best of luck you old "redhead".