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Photo ID # c10.08.06__Z1_HEN_UNK_0060_1F
Car #: #Z1
Driver (s) : Lee Hendrickson
Location: not sure... but the trophy says Pocono International Raceway 1969 Guaranteed Starter on it...
Date: 1969
Photographer: Ace Lane Sr.
Photo provided by: Ace Lane Jr.
Comments: Lee Hendrickson drove the green #Z1 sedan, followed by a green #Z1 coupe.  (I always liked the coupe as it was this tiny little thing with a huge motor sticking out of the front of it!)

Although many know Lee's son Wade from driving the #R10, Avenger #2 and others, some will remember that when he started his career, he too drove a green car #Z1.  I had a chance to say hello to Wade at Bridgeport (Oct 2006) and told him this photo.  He said he still has the seat belt/shoulder harness worn by his father pictured above!
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11/05/06 Bob Hummer Sr. I do remember Lee and he was a clean driver. I must comment !!! I see a lot of resemblence to Him in Michael Waltrip today.