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Photo ID # c10.26.06_380_WIN_LAN_0070_1F
Car #: #380
Driver (s) : Gary Winters
Location: Langhorne
Date: 1970
Photographer: Ronnie Gunther
Photo provided by: Ronnie Gunther
Comments: Comment from Ronnie:  I think the body on this car was a 1967 Cougar. Also could you imagine insurance company reactions in the present if children the age of these two in the photo would be in the pits during the action!  This was quite common at Langhorne.
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10/26/06 Barry Pursell I would say it is a ford product by the look of the ford emblem on the left side of his racing uniform.are you sure they are not telling him how to come off of turn two?  The big guy leaning over the roll cage looks mighty serious.
10/27/06 Ronnie Guinther I happened to look at the back of the photo after I submitted it to you & I had written on the back that the little girl in the blue top is Kenny Brightbill's daughter, Kimmie.
10/27/06 3-Wide I don't remember ever getting close enough to talk to drivers while they were still in there cars, but I always loved how at Langhorne you could walk up to the chain link fence and be right next to where the drivers were.  My father had a pick up truck that he would park on the inside of turn 1 (the track was really one big turn, but it was not to far past the start finish line), and we would stand on a scaffold that he had in the bed of the truck.

Of course watching the race at Langhorne was only part of the fun.  I used to love watching kids ride their mini-bikes and stuff up and down the paved strip in the middle on the way to the restrooms.  And once there, we would wonder over to the fence by the pits and see what drivers we might have a chance to talk to.

It was real easy back then to tell the drivers as they were THE ONLY  ONES WITH UNIFORMS.  Almost all of them were plain white with a patch or 2, or maybe some red piping and sometimes, there name written in script on their chest.  But there was no doubt that when you saw that uniform, that was a real driver.  Nowdays, everybody from the pit crew, to the officials, to the overboard fans... look like their wearing some sort of driver's uniform!

Hey Ronnie... Do you remember if this picture was taken right in the pits and if so was it right after the race?  I know that sometimes the security guys would leave their posts a little early as the race was winding down which for those who dared meant a chance to sneak into the pits as soon as the race was over.  I did that back in the 70's at Pocono and was waiting in Johnny Rutherford's pit as he came in to his pit stall after taking the checker.  I think I was 13 or 14!
10/27/06 Ronnie This photo was taken in the pit area.  It was taken probably on the Friday of inspection & practice or Saturday when they had practice & time trials.