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Photo ID # c11.01.06_BRI_MAN_BPT_0070F_1
Car #: #NA
Driver (s) : Kenny Brightbill
Location: Bridgeport
Date: Early 70's (1972 - Thanks Barry)
Photographer: Bob Sweeten
Photo provided by: Rob Sweeten
Comments: Comment from Rob:  Kenny Brightbill is surrounded by Miss Bridgeport and the creator of the track Leon Manchester.
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11/03/06 Barry Miller This picture was probably taken during the '72 season. Bridgeport opened late in the '72 season and they only ran 4 shows and Kenny won them all in The Wertz 57 coach.

The Wertz 57 coach is my all-time favorite Brightbill car and he really let it hang out at Bridgeport. That track was wicked fast in the early years and he would get up on the outside and usually dust everyone. I wonder if anyone would have any pictures of him at Bridgeport in that car letting it all hang out. I think the closing show was a 100 lapper that year. I think they only ran during the month of October that year. I know there were all kinds of delays in building that track and it was suppose to open earlier in '72.
12/23/06 Bill Hanna Can anyone out there confirm the identity of Miss Bridgeport. Looks a lot like Pat Heebner, who later had the same title at Flemington.