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Photo ID # d01.21.07__A3_CRE_FLM_0060F_1
Car #: #A3
Driver (s) : Charlie Cregar
Location: Flemington
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Ace Lane Sr.
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comment from Russ:  This is a great shot of Jim Fodor standing with his arm on the window opening in the door. Fodor welding, Trenton, was found on the side of the Fred Brian owned Circle A cars. His cars were driven by Donnie Hughes, Bob Pickell, Lee Hendrickson and Charley Cregar, for the most part, I recall. Later Jim would become the car owner and field the famous 13's driven by Sam Beavers, Joe Kelly and a few others.

Charley Cregar sits by the front of the door. Now for the test of the memory. Who are the other two gentlemen pictured? Having traveled as a pit crew member with a modified for the 1969 season, I know the hours I put in as a minor player and gofer in the operation. I also know that my role was deeply appreciated and did add to the better operation of the team.

Let's give these "behind the scene" guys some credit. (I know also, it may be an old friend visiting the track for the night and really has nothing to do with the car.) Does anyone know the others in the picture and or the year of the photo?

Thanks, Russ Dodge
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02.13.12 Hap Russ: I believe this picture is on the occasion of a 1963 feature win at Flemington. See page 9 of the 3 January 2012 AARN. Fred Bryan is next to my father & a pit crew member (last name Stark) is on the right next to CC. My father helped Fred build the car (Fred Bryans’ first & only coupe) & it was maintained at his welding shop. The year before Fred had moved from his shop in Lawrenceville (Cold Soil Road). Later that year my father bought it from Fred & it became the first 13. It was still trimmed in blue (always a white car) when Tom Green drove it for a short time. Sammy Beavers followed & the trim was changed to the red & black it was known for during the rest their history. Hap
Harold B. Fodor