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1979 Syracuse action from Bob Scott

All pictures taken by Bob Scott and provided by Bob Scott.

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Rodney Combs

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Syracuse 1979 Photos taken by and provided by Rob Scott Syracuse 1979 24xbodine79.jpg (39726 bytes)


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02/12/05 Paul Madsen The #2h is Mert "SOCKS" Hulbert a fine runner from Lebanon Valley speedway.  Known more for the Kennedy Garage #8.
02/12/05 Bob Scott Joe just a little clarification on the #5 late model car.  It was owned by Jim Stacey from Ohio.  He was the Stacey that also sponsered a bunch of Na$car Cup teams in the early 80's. The car was driven by Rodney Combs and ran mainly the midwest Late model curcuit. This year they came to Syracuse and were qualified for the race. On Sunday morning during hot laps he blew the motor and withdrew from the race. I cant remember who was added to the field because of him withdrawing but do remember this team got a great fan reaction when they announced it.
02/12/05 3-Wide I remember one year at Daytona, about 1/3rd of the cars seemed to have "STACY" written across the back in big letters.  Sitting in the tri-oval you get a good look at the front of the cars as they head toward you, and then at the back as they head away toward turn 1.  I can still see it now...S - T-  A - C - Y.  
02/22/05 Todd Lewis I clearly remember JD Stacy owning many Winston Cup cars in the 70's and early 80's.  He owned cars driven by Tim Richmond, Benny Parsons and Terry Labonte just to name a few. He was also the man that bought the # 2 team from Rod Osterlund which is what sent Dale Earnhardt to Bud Moore Engineering # 15 Ford (Only time Earnhardt drove a Ford in Winston Cup)
02/25/06 Randy Ponkos I had a question about the picture of the white #24 car being driven by Bodine in the "Your Photo Albums" section, page 3. Was that car ever raced at Lebanon Valley on a trial basis? I seem to recall a white offset car being raced a few times there with, I believe, Ernie Marshall driving it.  I may be way off, but thanks if anyone can let me know.



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