2007 Eastern Motorsports Press Association
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All Photos By Ace Lane - Please contact Ace for original high quality, high resolution photographs.

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Ernie Saxton presents Marco Andretti with T. J. Robinson Newsmaker Award

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Marco checks out the hardware...

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IRL Representative introduces Marco to the crowd during the EMPA breakfast

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Marco says hello

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Now this is a trophy...

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#48 James Hylton with EMPA photographer

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The Mattioli Family

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Dr. Joseph Mattioli Sr., Joseph Mattiolli Jr. and Family

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Speed Cocktail Hour gets underway...

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Coastal 181 Lew Boyd and wife were on hand

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Lovena Mattioli and Michele Mattioli Kulick

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...and here are the winners!

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More Winners!

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More Hardware!
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