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Wall Speedway - April 21, 2007

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Eddie Bohn: "Can you hear me now?"

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ACE_d04.21.07_4_FENCE.jpg (140348 bytes)

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ACE_d04.21.07_6_076.jpg (131849 bytes)
Jimmy Blewett

ACE_d04.21.07_7_STR.jpg (105037 bytes)

ACE_d04.21.07_8_LEG.jpg (135323 bytes)

ACE_d04.21.07_9_077.jpg (107794 bytes)
Stylin' in the Seventy-Seven... Fin's are cool!

ACE_d04.21.07_z10_LRG_CRSH.jpg (82508 bytes)
...backwards, sideways... and up, up and away???  Hope everybody was a-ok after this wild one!

ACE_d04.21.07_z11_FLG_GST.jpg (131150 bytes)

ACE_d04.21.07_z12_012.jpg (115800 bytes)

ACE_d04.21.07_z13_008.jpg (100275 bytes)

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