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Ace Lane Photos Presents:
Images by:  Ace Lane Jr.
Pocono - ARCA - June 9th, 2007

All Photos By Ace Lane Jr. - Please contact Ace Lane for original high quality, high resolution photographs.

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Billy Tanner IV

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Billy's Sponsor:   http://www.cheapcaribbean.com/  

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Race Ready

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Team Greenfield Dodge

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Billy Pauch Jr. prerace

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Billy Pauch Jr. and crew

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Billy Pauch Jr. prerace

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Dominick Casola and father

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Dom Casola prerace

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Driver's Meeting

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A. Casola sponsored #1

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Art Seeger

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Art Seeger prerace

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Erin Crocker

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Uniform Change?  I think that's Erin....

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Pole winner Tim Andrews gets the Checkered Flag Fan Club pole award

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Billy Tanner IV on track

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Billy Pauch Jr. looking good

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Problems for Chad McCumbee

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Damage on Tanner's #07

ACE_Pocono_Arca_2007_z22.jpg (98446 bytes)
...not looking good for Billy Jr.

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After an impressive run, Billy's day was over

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After an unscheduled pit stop for a blown tire, Chad McCumbee drives the Petty Enterprises #62 to victory.

All photos appearing on this page are provided by Ace Lane.  Ace  has the ability to print out high quality originals that are suitable for framing, so give Ace an email at:  acelane2@optonline.net

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