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Ace Lane Photos Presents:
Images by:  Ace Lane Jr.

Pocono - June 10th, 2007

All Photos By Ace Lane Jr. - Please contact Ace Lane for original high quality, high resolution photographs.

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Mark Martin

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David Gilliland and Robert Yates

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David Ragan

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...the sun was shining on Gordon...until he didn't need it too!

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Ryan Newman was possibly a couple of raindrops away from taking one away from Hendrick's Motorsports

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The caution that never was...  (You got to think driving around the big old 2 1/2 with out the right left front left some debris somewhere...)

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Determination...  With all the chaos over at DEI, this team has never been so focused!  1st at Dover, 3rd at Pocono.

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How they finished....

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On a roll...

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Yup... the hat's actually do say "Victory Lane" on them.

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Although this photo was taken on 6/10, you gotta wonder what Kyle's thinking after Dale Jr's announcement to drive for Hendrick in '08.

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There's been a lot on Dale's mind lately...  Quite a decision to leave DEI, and even more impressive on his part if you ask me to go to Hendrick as it shows the tremendous amount of confidence he most have in Hendrick's Motorsports, as well as his own self confidence in knowing that there will be no more excuses.  There's no more wiggle room... he has to be successful at Hendrick.  And I think he will be.

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Only Dale Jr. could come in at a time when wildly painted florescent helmets were the rage and make a flat back helmet even cooler.

All photos appearing on this page are provided by Ace Lane.  Ace  has the ability to print out high quality originals that are suitable for framing, so give Ace an email at:  acelane2@optonline.net

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