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Ace Lane Photos Presents:
Images by:  Bill Clare

Pocono - June 10th, 2007

All Photos By Bill Clare - Please contact Ace Lane for original high quality, high resolution photographs.

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Crewmen waits out the rain.

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Matt Kenseth steps back out of his office.

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Safe Driver Jeff Burton does a little pre-flight check!

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Dale Jr and crewmen in the garage area.

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Rocket man has found the lift off button again....  Ran quick at Dover and now get's a second at Pocono.

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Bill Elliott

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DEI driver Paul Mennard

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Bobby Gerhart

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ARCA caution

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ARCA caution... again.

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Hello to our friends at www.hummersgonewild.com   Not sure what happened here with the #32...

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2 things you needed to bring along with you to Pocono on Sunday... an umbrella and a jet dryer.

ACE_POCONO_06.10.07_BC_z13.jpg (116049 bytes)
Keeping Reed Sorenson's #41 dry...

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Clint Boyer's crewman uses a roller squeegee and a huge JD tarp to try to keep things dry

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Anybody seen the canary lately?   These smart cats were where they needed to be when the rains came at lap 106.

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Waiting out the rain...

ACE_POCONO_06.10.07_BC_z17.jpg (177581 bytes)
Not exactly a Craft-Matic, but after a long day at Pocono, anything horizontal looks good!

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Haven't seen this many blow dryers since Saturday Night Fever!

All photos appearing on this page are provided by Bill Clare and Ace Lane.  Ace  has the ability to print out high quality originals that are suitable for framing, so give Ace an email at:  acelane2@optonline.net

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