Ace Lane Photo Recap From New Egypt April 14th, 2007

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d04.14.07_074_019.jpg (128355 bytes)
The rookies put on a heck of a show!

d04.14.07_111_Roo.jpg (115087 bytes)
Starting from back in the pack, Butler #5 made his way to the front in a hurry

d04.14.07_005_001.jpg (120142 bytes)
The #5 of Butler #5 and #01 of Dan Wasseimpacher looked like snowmobiles riding on the humps left from Thursday's rain, but that didn't stop their determination.

d04.14.07_005_032.jpg (132031 bytes)
The #32 of Danny Bouc sustained an early suspension failure causing him to miss 4 laps in the pits, however, he did eventually join the field and worked his way back up near the leader.

d04.14.07_005_BUT_2.jpg (157857 bytes)
Son of Clay Butler and grandson of Oliver, Bobby Butler gets his first win at NES

d04.14.07_005_BUT.jpg (134864 bytes)
Nick Leach gets ready to interview the first time winner

d04.14.07_005_GRL.jpg (119701 bytes)
Victory Lane for Bobby -  Bobby thanked sponsor "River Country" for their support Go canoeing with River Country!

d04.14.07_005_Flg.jpg (146881 bytes)
After a tough consi last week, Bobby wasn't sure he'd be back this week...  Bet he's glad he made it!

d04.14.07_1JR_ROC.jpg (119230 bytes)
Rocco Infante has run in all 3 classes at NES - With feature wins in Super Stock and Modified, look to Rocco to find victory lane in the Sportsman division in this former Grosso/Horton #42.

d04.14.07_084_ROM.jpg (116160 bytes)
One of the best looking cars at NES this year, John Romano, (with "Pimp Nation" along for the ride) won his heat.  John is always fast and never afraid to look for a new groove when the one everybody else is using aint working!

d04.14.07_044_McC.jpg (157336 bytes)
John McClelland loses a left rear tire on the #44

d04.14.07_062_HUT.jpg (124335 bytes)
Kenny Hutchco has her pointed hard left, but it looks like its still headin'to the right...  Hutchco, Hunt. Apgar, Barney and McClelland put on a heck of a race in their sportsman consi.

d04.14.07_098_Apg.jpg (134636 bytes)
Apgar looked strong in the #98 in a no holding back Sportsman B Main taking a qualifying spot along with Chad Barney and Dave Hunt.

d04.14.07_M16_HOF.jpg (128615 bytes)
The #M16 of Justin Hoffman with Rich Scagliotta not far behind.

d04.14.07_314_FLP.jpg (123350 bytes)
John Bohadal  in the #3.14 leaned it up on the side between 3 & 4.

d04.14.07_314_TIC.jpg (107489 bytes)
Uninjured, John Bohadal talks with track official.
d04.14.07_747_NAG.jpg (109181 bytes)
Kevin Nagy was fast in the #747 and brought it home in 2nd spot in the feature.

d04.14.07_02B_GRP.jpg (142498 bytes)
Dom Buffalino gets some exposure for new sponsor and friend of the Vault RJC Home Remodeling!  While we're at it, that's John Keller in the J.S. Keller Construction #54X and Matt Sheppard with sponsorship support from Currier Plastics.

d04.14.07_54X_KEL.jpg (105939 bytes)
John Keller #54X wags the tail while trying to hug the low side

d04.14.07_54X_54X.jpg (111336 bytes)
John lost the handle down low in turn 4, and Mike Hendershot #54H had nowhere to go.   Both cars were able to return to action.   Nice jesture by John Keller to let Mike run the back up car as we understand Mike is waiting for the motor for his self owned #80.
d04.14.07_747_GOD.jpg (110321 bytes)
In the end, Ryan Godown found the smoothest way through the bumps and took home the win.

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