Ace Lane Captures Legends Night at New Egypt Speedway
Saturday, Sept 9th, 2006

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..musta had 5 people come up to us early in the event...  "Is Ken Brenn going to be here... Is Ken Brenn going to be here..."  One of the best on dirt and asphalt, Ken Brenn Jr.

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Patti Dmuchowski thought it was time for Freddy to clean out the garage...  You just never know what you'll find in there! 

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The members of the Gardent State Vintage Club were out in force with one of the best displays of vintage stock cars that I've ever seen.  Thank you to Ray, Nancy, Earl and to all the members of this great organization.

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Not sure who owns the #5, but it's a real looker!  Tom Partite had his Tasnady Tribute #44 Coupe looking sharp too!

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Walt Endy in a replica of the car he drove, complete with a 67 Camaro body!  Very cool....

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The little "Gremlin" on the nose correctly ID's the body on the Weaver #12W, with Dave Spurlin's #42 along side.  These cars ran 1 & 2 in the exhibition event.

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The totally restored Pinto driven by Gil Hearne probably was hoping that the asphalt still covered the speedway...  What a beauty....

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Inside the Brightbill #19... Special thanks to Wyatt Jacobus, Clint Bush, Brock Jacobus and Mike Schaub from the Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society for getting the original Brightbill Pinto to the show!

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Frank Eppolite suits up his original #1 with a new set of belts before taking to the track the way cool Falcon.

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Thanks Ace!

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I still prefer my coupes with the back up and the nose down and glad that Tom Partite agrees!

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The debut of the Cozze Coach.  What a great contrast to see the #44 (from the late 60's) next to Jimmy Horton's 2006 ride.  Special thanks to Rick Cozze, Ricky Rutt, Bill Lowden and Billy Lowden for having this one ready to go!  Also, way cool jesture on the part of the Lowden's to let the #44 crew borrow the belts out of the #81 (which was not scheduled to see track time), so that Ricky Rutt could wheel the #44 in front of the fans during the on track exhibition event.

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Billy Osmun and Bob Rossell trade a few stories....

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The New Egypt faithful were happy to have the chance to say hello to Glenn and talk about the days of the #R10, #23... and of course his URC days.

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Many remembered the great looking coupes, complete with stars on the roof... driven by Red Coffin.  Still get a laugh out of Red telling the story about the time he drove Wally Marks' #1 Gremlin back in the late 70's.  "The car was real fast, but the damn seat belts looked like they were anchored to only the sheet metal... Always thought that was Wally's way of making sure you didn't hit anything when you were behind the wheel of his car." (Now that's not exactly how Red tells it, but you get the idea!)

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Bob Pickell was signing...

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Ed Farley was signing..

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Bob Rossell was signing..

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Ken Brenn Jr. was signing..

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Glenn Fitzcharles was signing..

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Great crowd lines up for photo signings and a chance to say hello to some of their all time favorites... even without an intermission!

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The #303 looks great from every angle.

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New Egypt fan's got to see Kenny's very famous Pinto!

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