Ace Lane Photo Recap of The Warren Car Show
Sunday, Sept 10th, 2006

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Perfect... Absolutely perfect.

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Chris Economaki in the house...

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If any of you heard Chris on "Wind Tunnel" a few week's back, you learned more about this sport in an hour than many will ever figure out in a lifetime

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Chris says hello to Mr. and Mrs. Brenn.  Ken Brenn Sr. was the coordinator of the Vintage Racing portion of the show.

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My favorite, the Parnelli Jones #98   (Note from Faithful Vault Visitor John:   The number 98 sprint car of Rufus "Parnelli" Jones is/was owned by Ascot Park owner J.C. Agajanian.  The car's nickname was "Old Calhoun", and was the car of cars at the time.)

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Bill Chevalier #106 owned by Frank and Alice Drogan.

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The Woody's Garage #68 driven by Pete Frazee.

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Vintage cars of all types could be found throughout the grounds.  (Nice shirt!)

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You know, I heard a rumor that the Berkely Heights Police Dept was missing one of their patrol cars...  Jesse thought Goop's car was pretty cool!

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Something for everyone could be found at this show.  From Fire Engines to what looks like the headlight of a Bentley just behind...

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Still in service!

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Lots of really neat little sports cars like this little MG. 

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I'm a little out of my league here but I'm guessing that its a '58 somethingoranother...

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"It aint cool if your chrome don't shine."  This one takes it to a whole 'nother level.  Anyone else notice the "K" in the front bumper of the Kurtis Kraft "Silver Deuce?"  (Thanks for the info from Faithful Vault Visitor John)

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Ken Brenn Sr. and friends

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Ken Brenn and family, did a great job in organizing the vintage racing display portion of the show.

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Wyatt Jacobus and Mr. Dealaman help load the Brightbill #19.  The family owned "Dealaman Enterprises" riding on Kenny's 1/4 panel was a standard site on the Pinto.

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Jesse (aka 1 1/2 Wide) helps us set up Ace's photos so that others could enjoy.

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