Chris and Lee Allen's #71

Chris and Lee Allen restored a Pinto bodied sportsman car and did a fantastic job painting it to look like a car that was campaigned by their late father, Jerry Allen.  Many of you will remember Jerry driving on both dirt and asphalt and we believe that the #71 was one of the last cars that Jerry drove on dirt.
d11.22.07_071_Allen_1.jpg (195866 bytes)
What a great looking racer!

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Here's a picture of the original Modified that Jerry drove and that the Pinto above is based on.

d11.22.07_071_Allen_7.jpg (97273 bytes)
That's Jerry Allen behind the wheel of one of his asphalt rides.

Definitely a family thing, While Chris and Lee were busy working on the Pinto, Chris's son who is also named "Chris " has been getting things done in the Micro Sprint Division.

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