Rules for 2012 "Alley Racing" at the Reading Fairgrounds Mall
From Mike Feltenberger

For Alley Racing supplies, give Ott's Hobby Shop a call at 610-373-8735.
Hours:  Thursday, Friday and Sat. from 10 AM til 2 PM. 

Main events are being planned on beginning at 3 PM on Saturday Feb 25th. at Fairgrounds Square Mall in Reading, PA. Depending on previously scheduled events and where the location track will be situated, a "hotlap" session or week long racing could be in the making.

1. The current designated weight being used will be between 6 & 8 ounces. They can be lighter, but nothing heavier than 8 ounces will allowed
    1A. Cars can be weighed at anytime during their events. Anyone overweight will be DQ'd for that event.

2. Model kit cars and hanger rail cars are allowed, but all cars must resemble a 1979 and earlier race car (flatheads and central PA Bugs included) or a Post 1980 modified in body and shape form.1/25th scale is the advertised scale used on the Willys and Grant King kits.
    2A.Maximum car width at any point will be 4". Height of car will have a minimum of 2" and a maximum  of 3 1/4".

3. Wobblies, if they can still be found will be legal and Spongies or any rear tire will be legal with an overall car width ,height and length maximum. RC wire wheels and narrow tires can be used. Front tires cannot be completely covered by body and must be completely open on the sides. The 60's mods had front fenders and will be allowed, but must be secure.

4. Front and rear bumpers must have bottom rail level with racing surface.

5. New resin bodies will be legal, as will model kit plastic bodies.

6. Engine must be installed in proper spot in chassis. Engine can contain liquid steel for weight. All needed weights must be secure between frame rails.

7. Bodies must be secure during actual racing.

8. No "model welding" will be allowed inside the mall.

9. Qualifying will be done by luck of the draw for heat lineup and a consi(s) will be run with all remaining cars as by finish of last lap of their heat. Cars will start double file every lap. Current plans call for 8 car heats running 10 times down the ramp. Any car finishing last for 3 straight laps will be considered lapped and done for that event.

10. Cars must start directly behind the car in front of them, no angling of car at all. We are looking at having a person be the designated starter for all laps and a back up for a bathroom break or something of that nature.

Additional Information:

Track location and distance will determine ramp length. We will use 2x4's with formica or other non absorbing materials for the walls. Since we do not have the natural alley shape, we are hoping that the cars will spread out on the way to the finish line and create some great side by side racing.

The 1950's through 1979 Class (Flatheads and Central PA. Bugs are allowed) will be running for 3 Trophies sponsored by the Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society. This race will be the Salute to the Fairgrounds 33.

1980 & later Class will be running the Grandview Hotshoe 25 and trophy sponsorship is being sought.

There will be a small entry fee of $1.00 per car entered. The payback to the racers would be .50 per entry and .25 going to the RFRHS and CCFC.

Plans for a 3 lap exhibition between race cars from both eras is being planned, just to give the race fans a chance to root for a driver of their respective era.4 cars from each era will be selected by a group vote.

If Bob Miller can secure the old Arby's, I will work on getting everything set up on the 19th and we can start racing that day if you would like to get started. I will race every night if the racers want to, but our main events will be Saturday the 25th beginning at 3 PM

Remember we also will have a chance to repeat this fun and excitement at the Phillipsburg Mall Reunion for the Nazareth, Harmony, Flemington and East Windsor drivers on March 4th. with the same rules applying.

This is meant to be fun and bring back some great times, please do not take the fun out of it, by really stretching the rules or constantly complaining. I'm trying to make the rules as simple as possible, not a NASCAR, or weekly track rule book.

Let's have some fun and please thank Bob Miller and Brett Deyo for giving us this chance. All questions, comments or track help can be sent to me at 

Mike Feltenberger

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