Bridgeport Speedway - Sunday, Oct 8th, 2006

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Sneak along the bottom... find the moisture around the top..., or just make it work in the middle!

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Talk about car control, the #88 has his wheels a little to the left... and the #1c had his a little more to the right... AND THEY DIDN'T TOUCH, (but they sure were close!)   That's Billy Pauch in the #357 out in front.  Strunk in the #88 soon made his way up to Pauch and pulled even for a lap or 2..., but it looked like Billy had them covered....

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Well, if it was called the "Atlantic Coast 47", Billy had it wrapped up, but unfortunately...

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...the #357 headed for the pits with some kind of mechanical failure with 3 laps remaining.

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Jeff Strunk held point for the final 3 laps and took the win in the 358 Feature.

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Micro Sprint stand out Chuck Palmuchi (yellow #16) took to the high side to lead the first few laps of the Sprint Feature.  The feature was won by Tim Iulg in the black #8 seen here in 5th.

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Von Doren, Pratt, Hendrickson, Pauch, Gary Hager, Chester and Kell bring it through 4 in Big Block action.

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Just like in the 358 Feature, after running strong in the early going, Pauch mechanical problems this time while under yellow and needed an assist from the push truck for a quick trip to the pits.  He later rejoined the field.

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Leader Duane Howard looked real strong... but take a close look at the bottom of the RR tire. "Where there's smoke, there's soon to be a flat tire..."  Sure enough, Duane's tire let go on the very next lap.  Not sure if it was rubbing, or if it just plain wore through as we noticed smoke coming off the tire in turn 4 for at least 8 - 10 laps.

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Not sure what happened while under green between these 2, but on their way to the scales, the #44 popped the #901 in the rear bumper.  (Better that than trying to jump through the windshield opening I guess.  Click Here if you're not sure what we're talking about!)

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Wade Hendrickson says hello to fans behind the main grandstand on Sunday.  We enjoyed Wade's interviews on Saturday after claiming victory in both of the "Dash for Cash" events. (Something about driving it into turn one as hard as you can and not lifting!)