Bridgeport Speedway - Saturday, Nov 11th, 2006

c11.11.06_BPT_005_Pauch.jpg (180181 bytes)
That red helmet looks familiar.... Who's that in Dieter Schmidt's #5.....

c11.11.06_BPT_005_083_1.jpg (119433 bytes)
Pauch looks low under Pete Visconti...

c11.11.06_BPT_005_083_2.jpg (110437 bytes)
And keeps looking low....  After a few side, by side, by side, by side laps, Pauch got around the #83 in exciting heat race action.

c11.11.06_BPT_001_085.jpg (105703 bytes)
Later in small block action, Pauch looked pretty stout getting under a strong running Wade Hendrickson in the great looking #85...

c11.11.06_BPT_001_024.jpg (97443 bytes)
...but then some guy named Horton powered around the outside of Billy!  ...Two of the ALL TIME BEST!

c11.11.06_BPT_043_024_Hortons.jpg (123538 bytes)
Jimmy Horton III goes around the outside of Jimmy Horton IV...  And then a little later, I saw Jimmy Horton Jr who we all call Jimmy Horton Sr in line getting a sandwich at the free pig roast behind the main grandstand....  Did you get all that?

c11.11.06_BPT_026_Vin.jpg (161832 bytes)
Great turnout of cars from the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC).

c11.11.06_BPT_301_017_042.jpg (147826 bytes)
Liftoff.  (I'll let you figure this one out...)

c11.11.06_BPT_011_VIN.jpg (123730 bytes)
The vintage cars of the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC) head out for their 20 lap feature.

c11.11.06_BPT_024_Pack_Vin.jpg (158776 bytes)
...and the green is out!

c11.11.06_BPT_017_PACK_VIN.jpg (108281 bytes)
Stan Hawk powers his way out of turn 4 with the McNair "For Sale" #11 Sedan close behind.  That's Dave Spurlin in the #42 and Wayne Weaver in the #12W with Ken Pullen in the #50.

c11.11.06_BPT_026_Mares.jpg (123437 bytes)
Sprint car star Mares Stellfox picked up a ride in the Ed Farley #26.  (First time Mares was ever in a Modified!)

c11.11.06_BPT_044_Spin_1.jpg (114736 bytes)
Looks like the #12W took the air off Ricky Rutt's spoiler in the #44...  (Opps nevermind - forgot there's no spoiler.)

c11.11.06_BPT_044_Spin_2.jpg (118126 bytes)
The #44 Cozze Coach doesn't give up easy as Ricky Rutt tries to keep 'er in the right direction!

c11.11.06_BPT_044_Spin_3.jpg (136574 bytes)
Ricky was able to grab a gear and rumble back out for more!

c11.11.06_BPT_042_12W_1.jpg (110312 bytes)
Dave Spurlin #42 and Wayne Weaver #12W trade it up at the front of the field.

c11.11.06_BPT_042_12W_2.jpg (96251 bytes)
Looks like a little body english is needed to help coax the suspensions of the early 80's through the corners of the big 5/8ths mile.

c11.11.06_BPT_042_12W_3.jpg (115354 bytes)
Coming down for the checker it was Spurlin by 1/2 a car.

c11.11.06_BPT_042_3wide.jpg (108255 bytes)
Thanks for letting 3 Wide's Picture Vault ride along for the win Dave!   (Shameless self promotion once again...) 

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