Formula Drift at Wall Speedway - Sept 8th, 2007

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_19.jpg (165999 bytes)
Drifting fans were lined up hours before the scheduled event start time!

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_10.jpg (137204 bytes)
Yup... It's a Lexus.

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_10a.jpg (158989 bytes)
Open air drifting!

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_11.jpg (145480 bytes)
The ROCKSTAR ride is one of the most popular on the tour.

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_12.jpg (136564 bytes)
Gotta let the smoke out somehow...

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_20.jpg (147393 bytes)
Tricked out Toyota

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_13.jpg (154071 bytes)
It's brown... I mean purple... I mean blue.... I mean green...  oh, nevermind - it's just plain cool!

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_15.jpg (135198 bytes)
High tech stuff inside of this right hand driver...

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_09.jpg (104191 bytes)
Headed toward you (1 of 4)....

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_09a.jpg (103629 bytes)
(2 of 4)....

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_09b.jpg (105791 bytes)
(3 of 4).....

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_09c.jpg (91761 bytes)
(4 of 4)...  Drifting...  "Attempting to control an out of control car!."

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_01.jpg (133985 bytes)
Around the top seemed to be the place to be.

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_02.jpg (114693 bytes)
More on track action... unbelievable car control.

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_03.jpg (119173 bytes)
Any Mustang fans out there?

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_05.jpg (95303 bytes)
Tour hotshoe Bill Sherman drives through a right hander... by turning left!

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_06.jpg (103022 bytes)
"Battle of the Beverages!"

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_07.jpg (122771 bytes)
Mopar guys were well represented!

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_08.jpg (116695 bytes)
"Plenty of room to spare.... NOT!"

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_04.jpg (99931 bytes)
Pretty cool stuff....  (But leave it to the pro's on an approved course with all the safety gear in place guys...)

D09.09.07_WALL_FD_16.jpg (151265 bytes)
"Free to Good Home!"  The guys at the tire truck said that when a team needs new tires, the crew just brings over their old set and they get swapped out for a new set for free... 

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